Friday, June 8, 2012

On the Rebound

Ahhh, friends.  It's Friday (aren't you glad I told you that?)  It means...this week is over.  And I want to thank you for bearing with me.  It's been a roller coaster of a and downs...twists and turns....but I think I'm rounding a good corner.  "Nuff of this crying stuff.  Time to move on :-)
So....I'm officially on the rebound.  From running.  Which means, this weekend I will make a plan.  To either aqua bike in 5 weeks or work on something equally awesome (maybe a pull up or some other kind of strength based plan?  A yoga streak?  Who knows!)  But that's the beauty of it.  It's gonna be something I don't normally do.  Which is only gonna help in the end.
But enough of this heavy stuff.  It's Friday (yup, worth repeating).  And that means it's time to goof off.  And since I've had way to much computer time this week (hey, I have to keep the foot up!)  I've found a few gems for you...for Five Fun Links Friday!:

1.  Oh my word.  This site is the epitome of crack up.  There's nothing right about it....funny images, videos, and other such nonsense to pull you in even quicker than a good GOMI snark. They throw in a bunch of pics form other sites, including Sommee cards, etc.  My faves this week?

This kills me.  I work at Catholic Family Center.  hardee har har

I'll have what she's having :-)
2. FML (My Life Sucks but I don't give a F):  This was my site this week to get me out of the doldrums.  You can go on and submit your life "sucks" story and read other people's sob stories.  Some of them are pretty terrible, some hilarious.  Either way, they make you laugh and realize that a busted not so bad.
3. Yankee's new product...."Man Candles":  Ever yearn for the scent of football?  Mowed Grass?  Armpit?  Nah, I'm kidding on the last one.  But Yankee Candles has now decided to cater to the more "masculine" crowd and come out with a new line that is for the "rougher" sex.  Heh.  Personally, I love the smell of freshly cut grass, but if the hubster busts out his new "2x4" candle in the bedroom, I'm out.
4. AquaVelo...Who Needs the Run?:  The one serious one I've got.  My friend Victoria is doing the Eagleman AquaVelo on Sunday (she's bringing Craig Alexander in a box as a consolation gift) and she wrote an excellent post on the merits of swim and bike instead of SBR.  Alot of her thoughts echo why I am considering doing Musselman Aquabike, and I'll be stalking her on Sunday to see how well she kicks butt!  (which she will!)
5. Fail Blog: Another ridiculous site filled with idiotic blog "fails".  If this site doesn't leave you in stitches, I don't know what will.  I'm pretty sure there are some serious contenders for the Darwin award here.  But I think I may have found the perfect bike set up via this site:
Woah, there killer.

And with that,I'm out.  We've got a pretty full weekend planned, foot willing.  What are you up to, anyhing good?


  1. I'll bring you Crowie in a box with a bow on it.

  2. Dad G and I had seen the candles ( I had a coupon at work! Dog scents may be next...) and already had a good chuckle. LOVE the Catholic cartoon!! Glad you're having some chuckles, too. You need 'em. And you're choosing your reaction to a sh---y situation. :-)