Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

Well...we know about those.  Which is why it's time for a new plan, yes?  So.  I took a look at weeks 14-18 of my current plan, booted all the runs, and added in some fun from the trigeek Ironman plan (turbo sprints/technical bike work) and some swim workouts from trifuel, active, and BT.
Not a water bike...an Aqua Bike!
Phew.  It works out to be 3 swims a week and 3-4 bikes a week, with some alternate pool running and strength work.  I've put in a complete day off every other week (but extremely low intensity workouts every Monday).  We'll see what happens :-)  I skipped week 12 and 13 (no formal training, even though I swam and biked) so I'll pick up with week 14-this week.
For the curious, here's what it looks like:

Hopefully, this will help me rock my aquabike next month!  Geneva, here I come, bum foot and all :-P (And, in bum foot news, I took off my boot and tried to walk today, per doctor's orders.  My gait is somewhat off, but I can walk without pain, which is a good sign!  Baby baby steps.)  Now, it's time to aqua run....go go gadget aqua shoes!

Though this seems like a good idea, too :-P


  1. Wow - how cool is that aqua bike! I sent you a message yesterday. So sorry about your injury and hope you recover fast. I know it sucks not to run but it looks like your training plate is full with all sorts of other activities to keep you busy. I was wondering if you got ticket to HLS in Boston tonight and if so - if you wanted to carpool. LMK either way. I think you have my email -
    Take care and good to see your spirits are up.