Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Links

Howdy ho!  (Yes, I just quoted a piece of poop.  Really, how many ways can you say "hi" each day?  Should I just not bother.  hmm.)  Once again, another weekend ahead-another week conquered :-)  It's supposed to be gorgeous here in Upstate New York, which means I'll get suckered into pulling weeds and riding my bike...with hopefully an open water swim thrown in there.  Not bad, as far as weekends go.  And, of course, I'll be spending some QT with my godfather on Sunday...yay!  What are you up to this weekend?
And, because I know you all are gonna need something entertaining to get through your Friday afternoon (you're welcome for doing a lunch post :-P)  Here are my Friday links, back by popular demand!  (And just so you know, I collect these as I see 'em through the week...I promise, I don't spend hours playing online...err...or something like that).  Ahem.  Here we go!

1.  Movie Quotes for Triathletes:  How does your significant other really feel about your training?  Your race?  Your off season?  One wife explains it...with a little help from pop culture.

2.  The Brainiest cities in the U.S.: Somehow, Rochester NY came in at #13.  I strongly suspect that this moved up when I moved to Wayne County.  Just sayin'.

3.  It's National Flip Flop Day!  Sadly, this year, I cannot partake (staunchly wearing sneakers to work on this whole foot thing)'s flippies day.  Bust 'em out for casual Friday.  Sunshine.  Eighty degrees.  Painted toes....ahh.  And, if you wear your flips to a Tropical Smoothie joint, you get a free smoothie!  Sweet.  Literally.

4.You are not Special: The best graduation speech ever.  I though Steh McFarland and Baz Luhrmann said it well, but this one speaks volumes to the "special snowflake" mentality we all seem to carry around lately.  Matter of fact.  To the point.  And very accurate.

And with that, it's time to finish the day.  Got a yoga class on the agenda tonight....hopefully it'll prep my legs for a bike heavy weekend :-)  Later Gators!

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