Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AquaVelo Week 2/HIM week 15: Growing a new pair

Oops, a little late on that week round up report.  Forgive me?  Thanks :-)
Well, it was a big week, training wise for this girl.  Both in terms of volume (well, relatively) and also a few breakthroughs.  Hold your seats.  Still not running.  But really trying to give this whole bike and swim thing (definitely my weaker sports!) the ole college try. 
That Stats dance:
Bike (miles): 155
Swim (yards): 8900
Pool running:  1 hour
Strength:  2 full body, 2 abs sessions
Yoga:  30 minutes

Week High:  Musselman bike, without a doubt.  I had yet to ride this baby in it's entirety on the computrainer this year, so I decided to give it a go once I got all my gears working properly again.  I've ridden this course in real life 5 times, and on the trainer about a dozen in the past 4 years....and the trainer kicks my ass with it.  I've yet to come close to breaking 3 hours on it...closest was a 3:02 back in 2009 (did I mention Ironman kills your bike speed?).  Since my volume for the bike hasn't been noteworthy, I decided to try to shoot for 18.5 mph average, which would buy me  a 3:03(ish). 
I flew. 
I know I've mentioned several times how much I'm digging my new bike set up.  One more time.  It freaking rocks.  The aero bars are comfy, the seat is positioned just right, and I literally feel like the bike is an extension of me.  I guess I grew a new pair....of bike legs :-)  My foot is at a point where I feel comfortable standing and climbing, which makes the (mostly fake) big hills on the trainer version of the course easier to stomach.  Oh yeah...that 3:03 goal?  Pshhh.  Try 2:58.  Woo hoo!!  I realize that 18.7 might not be great for some people, but it's pretty speedy pants for me!  The one part I need to work on....I felt like I could have run after that (broken foot aside).  Need to remember that for an AquaVelo...I CAN empty the tank with the bike.  Hmm....a foreign concept :-)
The other 'roo.  My couch mate post bike (Roo) :-P
Week Low:  Sunday's brick.  After hanging out at the ER for a gazillion hours and eating dinner at midnight...sans ice bath or stretching....Sunday morning dawned with a sore body and tired Rae.  On the books:  a triple brick...15 mile bike, 15 mile strength x 3.  We did... a 15 mile bike 15 minute strength....time two.  Then a 5 mile ride.  And I started to get dizzy and super super tired.  And...called it a day.  Sometimes your rides are gonna kick butt.  Sometimes, life gets in the way.  That's why I don't make the big bucks! (Well, okay, and a few other reasons...)

On the swim front...things are going along swimmingly (har har har).  I'm working on front quadrant swimming, which is making my shoulders tired, but dropping my times.  We'll see what flys on race day.  Not expecting a miracle, but close to 40 minutes for 1.2 would be special :-)  (old PR 43 minutes).
And that concludes week two/fifteen.  Week three.....more bike volume (shocker) and a few steps in the running progression (no runs yet, but moving that way....and yes, the wording was intentional :-P)
Happy sunny Tuesday!  Enjoy your evening!

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