Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lonely Island

Well...right now I am on the Lonely Island of long ride Thursday (going camping this weekend so need to get one long ride in mid week)...I thought I would introduce you to some seriously WRONG youtube clips that...if you have a raunchy sense of humor like me, you will thoroughly enjoy.  More content's way too hard to work a full day (albiet broken up) and get your 50 miles in :-P
Off to my lonley island.
Here's your Lonely Island (clips): (warning-explicit! Do not listen to at work :-P)

1.  Like a Boss: Just hilarious, albiet completely wrong and dirty.  Seth Rogen is also included in this clip-you'll see that Lonely Island does an awesome job at recruiting celebs to be in their ridiculous videos.  I strongly advise not to bring up any of these job duties on your review....well, the fax sending is okay :-P

2.  I just had Sex:  Really, no hidden meaning here.  Akon gets in on the action to scream it from the rooftops, and lovely ladies include Jessica Alba and Blake Lively. 

3.  I threw it on the ground: Lame?  Yes.  But I'm pretty sure the hubster and I have gotten enough mileage out of this video to make it worthwhile.  That ain't my Dad...that's a CELL PHONE.  Do I look like an idiot? :-P  Cameos include Ryan Reynold (yummy) and Elijah Wood. 
4.  Motherlovin:  The wrongest one of the bunch.  I sat there for 3 minutes, mouth hangin open.  I do NOT recommend this mother's day gift, but Susan Sarandon is freaking awesome for being in this video.  That is all. 
4.  *(& in a Box:  Stupid.  Thats all.  Justin have no self respect...which is why I love you.  I scoffed at this whole video, but you know that I'll never look at a UPS box the same way....

To answer your question...yes.  This is the type of humor I get at home, and consequently, is now my brand of humor as well.  Oiy.  There is no hope for the Glaser fam.  I apologize (slightly) if your views have changed...
but I stronly suspect if you were game enough to click on the links, you got at least one chuckle :-P 

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