Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Placid Day

As I said yesterday,  gorgeous weekend.  And not too darn bad on the home front.  After a lazy morning and a yummy breakfast, the hubster and I got down to brass tacks and did our workouts (turbo sprints on the bike, massive strength training, boo ya). 
Good training day.'s the 3rd weekend in June.  And even though Rochacha is rockin' some gorgeous's strange to be here.  For the past two years, on the third weekend of June, I've rocked out here:

Ahhh, Lake Placid.  Literally, one of the best places on earth.  Last year, the hubster trained for this Ironman.  The year before, I did.  The year before that, we got to go up in July to hang out during the race and volunteer, so I could sign up.  So, while I am enjoying the lazy Saturday feeling and (relatively) short workouts...I look back at camp weekend, where the crazies bring their swim bike run stuff and...
On 20(ish) miles and swim 2.
On 100(ish) miles, run 2-3 miles and swim 1.2
On 13-16 miles and swim 1.2
Ahh.  Top it all off with a 5 hour ride home (in the car, yes, I had to clarify) ..sunburned shoulders.... (Cause its always 90 on training camp weekend), exhausted, sore...and amped.  For Ironman.  Or a half ironman., in general.
In Placid you don't need music to run.
You don't need music (indoors) or fun treats (outdoors)  to push you on the ride.
You don't need a technical workout in the water.
The beauty of the land, the attitude of everyone around you (hello, triathlete town!), and the fresh, mountain air are invigorating, cleansing, and reminiscent of what really matters at the end of the day.
It's my happy place.
Boy do I miss it.
Maybe the hubster and I need to take a weekend trip soon :-) In the meantime, I guess I'll just have to be happy with 90 miles on the bike this weekend instead of 120 :-P  And Kershaw (Canandaigua Lake) instead of Mirror Lake.
Uh oh.... :-P

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