Monday, June 18, 2012

AquaVelo Week 1/HIM week 14: What really grinds my gears

It's Monday.
My legs hurt.
I'm tired.
And hungry.
You might think this is a bad would be to most.  To me, it just means that it was a good training weekend.  Which is good, because I sorely needed one after the last few weeks (pun intended).  My friend Alexa posted on Facebook yesterday about her crazy Sunday-riding, running, and horseback riding...and asked.."Isn't Sunday a day of rest?"  and I had to laugh.  To the rest of the world it is.  To a triathlete, Monday is the day of rest after heavy weekend workouts.  And even though I'm not on the 6 hour ride 20 mile run bandwagon right now (and sorta jealous, sorta relieved I'm not)...Monday's recovery swim is so much more restful than Sunday's 50 mile bike ride.
About that ride.  And this past week.  This week officially kicked off my super duper 5 week AquaVelo traning I posted last week, I upped the bike and swim of my current plan, adding in some fun and sadistic workouts.  How'd it go?  Let's see....
AquaVelo Plan:  Week 1
Swim:  8200 yards (3.5 workouts)
Bike:  139 miles ( 4 workouts)
Etc:  40 minute pool run, 3 ab workouts, 2 Upper/Lower Body workouts

Week High:  Ahh, which bike to pick?  After the initial tussle with my bike setup (I lost half my gears somehow), I'm really liking the new positioning.  Can't wait to take her outside next week to test it out!  I feel like I have more power climbing which was super helpful yesterday when I did the fake Musselman course on the computrainer (I swear it adds and inflates hills, but that will only heal on race day).  I'm still missing a few gears in my big chain ring, but the hubster theorizes that it's because of my new cables needing to stretch.  We're gonna look at it last night.  They are my favorite gears, so I need to use them :-).
Week Low:  Still a slow swimmer.  I'm working on technique with my sets, so hopefully we can address that.  It's also been kinda rough pushing off from the wall with one foot.  Hopefully this will change as the foot gets better. 

Not too darn bad, huh?  I'm still a bit of a grumpy gus not being able to run, but I'm working around it.  I've had quite a few kick your butt speed workouts on the bike this week (anyone who came up with this workout should be shot):
Warm up 15 minutes
1 minute .100rpms, 2 min recover (x10)
5 minutes easy
30" all out, 30" recover (x10)
Cool down 15 minutes
It sucks....but I think it's gonna help.  Nothing like a side of vomit with your bike workout.  (Kidding.  I didn't puke.  Almost, though).
Will it help my bike split?  We'll see!

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