Sunday, June 10, 2012

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

Ahhh, what a weekend.  Filled with sun, fun, family, friends, and a bit of training thrown in.  Just as it should be.
Back it up back it up back it up....
Friday was pretty typical-errands after work, cleaning house, and easy dinner with the huz, complete with movie and snoozin before midnight.
Saturday, the hubs and I hit up the Gananda garage sale to look for treasure...we found some, but not anything of note, other than 300 garage sales and the obligatory dumbass mentality of crowds of people :-P  I got in an awesome speed session on the bike, then after a late lunch we headed out to our cousin Amy's for a picnic.  It was awesome to see some of our out of towners (cousins and sister!) and we had a great time-amidst ridiculous, off color jokes and a few beers.  Perfect.
Today....well, today was unintentionally full as well.  But you don't want to hear about that, right?  You're all sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear about my Musselman decision...(or pretend that you are, okay?)  Thanks :-)
So, my deadline for the DECISION was today.  As I said before, my gut was to defer....but I tried to look at both sides of the coin equally.  How would I feel if I had to hand my chip in after the bike?  If I didn't race at all?  If I deferred to next year and for some reason couldn't race?  If something wacko happened in two weeks and I couldn't bike?
So, I sat on it for four days.  Then went with my gut. gut changed.  How bout that?  So, after weighing it all out on Wednesday, I was pretty sure I wanted to race.  I wanted to hear my poem read.  Race in the race that I WON entry to.  And bike on the bike course that I've ridden every year since 2008!
And while I know it's gonna be strange to hand in the ole chip and not run through Geneva....I know I made the right decision.  5 weeks, baby!
Which's time to get fast on the bike and swim!!  I've started a 5 week training plan (I'll post tomorrow) and this weekend was bike focused.  ummm....kinda.  Since I'm trainer bound for another week, I decided to ride the musselman course on the trainer and see how I fared.  So, I got downstairs, set up, and...crack.  My stem cracked and handlebars fell off.  WTF.  Now, I know I need to get the bike into the shop, but was hoping to wait another week or so...unfortunately, I can't ride my bike with no handlebars:-P

So....we headed out to Fairport to buy a new stem.  Home again home again jiggity jig.  This should be easy...the hubster says...give me 45 minutes and you can hop on.
6 hours later....I was on the bike.
First, the stem wouldn't fit with my bar set up.
Off came the aero bars.
Then, the cable snapped.
New cable installed.
Then the gears wouldn't shift.
(Insert cursing).
No brakes
(who needs 'em when you're riding the trainer?)
Then, my big chain ring cable wouldn't thread.
Finally, at 5pm, the bike was good to go, save handlebar tape.  HTFU, who needs it?
Not me.  But I still needed lunch. 6, I finally started my ride :-P
Shortened to 30 miles with hill repeats....long ride can wait for mid week :-P
At least my bike is (90%) good to go.  And I got new aero bars!  Sweet!
35 days.  Till my first Aquabike.
Time to brush up on those weak areas :-P
How was your weekend?  Anyone know of any good swim or bike faster in a month plans? :-)
Lastly....a big big shout out to the BEST hubster ever who spent his entire Sunday working on my bike!  Now that's love.  So lucky :-)


  1. Hi there. I am so so so sorry about your foot! It's sounds like you are coping really well or as best as you can with a plan B. way to go,! I know injuries suck but trust me if you keep busy the time will fly and before you know it you will be back on your feet. Keep up the optism. Hey are you going to healthy living summit this year? I went last year and it was a blast. Not sure if you would want to travel together but we could meet at a park and ride on the thruway. Just. A thought. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details via email. Take care and I will be thinking of you.

    1. No summit for me this year, we will be out of town that weekend, though it does sound like fun!! Can we keep it in mind for 2013? Or pick a (late) fall race to meet up and run? I would love that!! Thanks for the kind words :-)