Sunday, June 3, 2012


Yeah, my foots pissing everyone off :-P
Enjoying what's left of the weekend?  I sure hope so!  We're in between sunshine patches over this way, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to chat about the ups n downs of the past few days....Let's get the negative out of the way.  Foot...well, it blows.  I'll finally find out what the heck I did to it tomorrow...cross your fingers, please!  I had signed up for the Mendon mauler for Saturday...a 12 mile trail race that I was looking forward to as my first trail run (yup, you read that right).  As the week went on, I knew the likelihood of me running was about as good as Bradley Cooper calling me up and asking me for a date (hey, I could happen), so I struck up a deal with the hubster.  I could knock down to the 8 miler IF I woke up ready on in, if I could stand on my left foot on tiptoe with no weight on my right foot.  Challenge, accepted.
Got up at 6am dice.  Not even if you paid me could I do it.  Dammit.  Well, I might be an idiot in many ways, but Musselman is just 12 short weekend days away (Thank you Jeff Henderson for that reminder) so I wisely ditched the race and instead did suicides on the bike for 20 miles.  Gotta work on what we can, right?
Weekend downer.
But that's enough Negative Nancying.  Let's talk about the good...the rest of the weekend!
The hubster and I attended the wedding of our friend, Kim, on Saturday...this was a pretty special wedding.  Not only did I get to see a bunch of my old co-workers (wow, did I miss you guys!!) but Kim was our matchmaker!  7 years roomie and I threw a party and Kim came.  She was hanging out with us and we started talking guys...and she told me she knew this guy that was nice, fun, and hot that I might like.  (I'm still waiting....just kidding hubster!).  Well, she called him to come out, which he didn't end up doing, but sought me out on IM an hour later to chat (I know, old school).  3 hours later of ignoring my party, we hit it off.  A month later, we were dating.  And now, 7 years, 3 Ironmans, 4 marathons, a wedding, a new house, and countless other we are.  Thank you Kim, and a big congrats to the new Mrs.!
Best wishes tree...such a fun concept!
After all that yesterday, today has been centered around home things.  Got down to business shortly after waking and got in my 3 hour ride...I felt great, aside from the fact that I desperately need to take the 'Roo in for a tuneup....and I wish I could have done a T run off the bike!  (I didn't I was good).  After riding, I hit up the house and did a much needed scouring. 
And now that the sunshine is back out, it's time to hit up our secret garden looking back yard and get it lookin' good! 
All in all, a pretty decent weekend.  What were you up to?  Did you race?  A Big congrats to all those that did Kueka, Pittsford and the was strange not being in Penn Yan for the first time since 2007, but...even though I missed seeing everyone...I friggin hate that course :-P


  1. So glad you and Greg were able to attend our wedding! It was great to see everyone. Stay off that foot as much as you can!

  2. Hope that the foot injury is not major- I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!