Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Headin' to Ghost Town

Hum de dum dum dum.  Okay, fine,  I can't wait!  Guess who ellipticalled for a half hour?  THIS GIRL!  I realize that sounds a bit ridiculous, but the doc said that after 4 weeks, I could give it a whirl.  Whirl, successful.  I swear I floated back to work after that workout-sounds ridiculous, but being able to put pressure on the foot in something that somewhat resembled running was huge to me. 
Coupled with the fact that I've been able to institue some shallow water running without altering my gait as well as walking around normally (FINALLY) means I tink I'm on the road backt o recovery!
Don't get nervous.  Not busting out the running shoes yet.
I go back to see the doctor next week and he'll tell me whats what with the running....when, how much, and the proper course I should take.
But's dangerous being an injured runner.
After your moody get reckless.
And not in real life.
First, there was Ironman Lake Tahoe.  The inaugural one, I might add.  It's not until 2013...PLENTY of time to train, right?  Right?  No?  Yeah, the hubster took away my credit card until registration sold out.  Phew. I knew I married that man for a reason.
Then....we started planning our fall vacation.  Maybe a nice long weekend in New England, we said.  So...of course I go visit my favorite marathon obsession site...Portland (Maine) marathhon is September 30th.  Awww....surely I can run by then!  Right?  Right!  I got no nay saying from my other half on that one, but then I remembered something (duh) importnat.  One must train (at least somewhat) to run 26.2.  Even if the foot is better, end of September is pretty quick, even if I'm not gunning for a PR (I'm not).
So....hmmm.  What next?
You see, when you can't do something you love, you reomanticize it in your head until every race looksl ike sunshine and sprinkes...even though in reality it could be a marathon course like this: the end of the day, I love me some long distance running.  So, like a fool, I'm still seeking out that fall marathon.  And I think I found one.
We're goin' to ghost town.

Veterans Marathon: Ghost Town Trail, Lack Lick, PA.  (Yes, I know.  But since it is PA, we'll give them a break.
November 11, 2012. 
Time to cross that PA marathon off the ole bucket list.
I hope.
Pending doc approval :-P
5 hours away.  100 runner capacity.  On a holiday weekend (extra day for travel-bonus!) And far enough out so that if I can start running again in August, it will give me plenty of time to pull out a 26.2 without re-injury.
Oh, did I mention it's cheap as hell? 
26.2 miles = $26.20 to enter.  And it benefits the vets. 
You have to be $hitting me.
I'm in.

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