Monday, June 25, 2012

In case of Emergency

Whew, what a weekend!  You know what they say about the best laid plans...yep.  It was that kind of weekend.  It started out really well....Friday night date night and a freakin awesome 60 mile ride on Saturday.  The plan?  To ride, then catch a (car) ride over to the hubster's game with Mama TFB, so we only had one car at the game and I could head home afterwards with Greg. 
After I finished my ride, I headed to the shower to get clean and then sit in an ice bath.  I checked my phone...found a random missed call.  Checked the voicemail...apparently my mom was taken to the ER because she fell at work.  WHAT?!?  I took the fastest shower ever, grabbed a yogurt, and floored it out.
7 hours, 5 x rays, and several diagnoses later, we came home with a chipped kneecap.  At least it wasn't a broken ankle (first diagnosis).  Oiy.  Let me say that.....
The ER is a bangin place on a Saturday. (literally)
* Standing in flip flops for 6 hours after a 60 mile ride blows (shoulda grabbed the sneaks).
* Hospital food sucks.
* ER docs...are not the friendliest people on the planet.  Until they see your M Dot...and they are triathletes.  Then they want to talk to you all about racing.  But at don't care.  You just want to go home.
* Watching my mother attempt crutches was the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. 
* I swear the ER has a connection with the parking garage.  If they keep you there past 4 hours, they get to collect the maximum daily rate.  Conspiracy theory?  heh.
Anyways....needless to say, we did not plan on that mess.  But the hubster won his game (sweet!), had fans in the stands  even if I couldn't be there, and my mom's gonna bubble wrap herself from now on (great suggestion cuz).
Since we didn't get home till midnight on Saturday and subsisted off of hospital turkey for dinner...Sunday's ride was interesting.  I had a triple brick on deck (yes...I know what you're thinking...) does one do a brick when they cant run?  Simple.  15 mile ride.  15 minutes lower body strength.  15 mile ride.  15 minutes upper body strength.  There was supposed to be a 3rd set in there....but after 5 miles I called uncle and stopped.  I was just too friggin tired.  But hey, I'll take it.
After the ride...there was a house to clean, weekday meals to prep, and a garden to weed.  Eh, we got through most of it.  And now, if I can get through the next 48 hours of work...I'll consider it a success :-)  Whirlwind meetings both today and tomorrow, an RFA to prep for, a few lengthy conference calls, and a training.  No sweat.  Oh right, and those pesky little workouts, too :-P
Onward and upward, right?  We can recap week 2 of Aquabike training tomorrow.....I had a few breakthroughs, even if my weekend was hectic!
Now...onto the sauce.  I mean coffee.  Definitely, coffee.  What, 4 cups a day isn't normal?  I suppose it depends on the size of the cup.....

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