Friday, June 29, 2012

Foot Loose and Fancy Free

Before I get started, the hubster would like to let everyone know that I forgot a few key "Lonely island" videos.... "Jack Sparrow" (featuring Michael Bolton...yes, you heard that right) and  "I'm on a boat" (featuring T-Pain).
Now that you've had your fill of garbage again today...kick off your flippy floppies and let's talk about feet.
My feet.
Yup, time for the good ole stress fracture update.  It's been 4 weeks since I was diagnosed.  5 weeks since my fool hardy half marathon (oh yeah, I admit it).  And, of course, 5 weeks since I laced up my running shoes.
So, how's it been?
Well, for the first two weeks I was pretty much out for the count.  I swam, biked flat and on the trainer, and...swam. 
Then, I got my rockin boot off.  And walked...somewhat altered.  Oddly enough, even though the damage is under the left 4th toe, my pain in my foot was under the big toe.  Hmm.  Not sure if it was because I had altered my gait or what, but it was what it was.
Two weeks ago I started to add hills to my bike routine.
And started doing foot stretches, ankle circles, and towel pick ups. 
Last week, I rode outside.  And also got in 30 minutes on the elliptical without pain...a major milestone.
This week.  I can walk without pain  (woo freakin whoo!).  I ran in the shallow end of the pool.
Don't worry.  Still not running.  But damn, those Asics look so tempting!!!
I go back to the docs next week.  I have zero pain in the foot-the hubster has done the pinch test all over (pressure to various parts).  The foot gets tired a bit more....kind of like I just did a long "foot workout" if you will-does that sound strange?
I am trying so hard to be good.  Now, I know, is the dangerous time.  When I want to run.  When I think...hey, I have no pain, so I CAN run!
Patience, Rae.  There are always going to be races out there.  No need to break the foot for real :-P
One more weekend.  6 more sleeps.
Till I find out when.  And it won't be an If.
It'll be a when.
At least...I keep telling myself that :-)

Until then....more swimming!  And biking!  The Glaser clan camps on Lake Ontario this weekend, so (like a big dork) the hubster and I will bring our wetsuits and get in a little OWS (open water swim).  Tonight-hopefully an easy spin.  Sunday Evening- long ride.  Game on, baby, game on. 

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