Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Feed me, Seymour!

Nother day, nother dollar, yo.  That's about all I got.  I had a rough day at work....meetings in the morning, a broken budget to deal with, HR to consult...no lunch (aka no gym time...I lead a charmed life, I know).  But hey, it's over.  Finis. 
What I really wanted to do when I got home:  Pop in a Billy Blanks DVD and punch things.
A close back up:  Raid the M&Ms and peanut butter.  I did.  A little.  I put the jar back after 2 teaspoons full.  promise.
What my plan called for:  A rest day.
Okay, yes, I need them.  Foot's not gonna get better on it's own.  But I knew if I rested, I would either a) Throw a tantrum at the world or b) Eat my emotions in the form of cookie dough or chocolate (a more likely story).  So I busted out the bike and went for a nice easy 10 miler.  And then did some yoga.  Ahhh.
I feel a bit better now, but still unsettled with the world.  I'm gonna go for the the whole low key evening with my kindle and some chai tea and hope that works out.
And hopefully, stop at that chai tea.
Watch out for those plants
Musselman.  4 weeks.  Need to watch my diet.
No, not go on a diet. 
Even though I'm going into this race about 5 pounds heavier than I like to be, I've made peace with it.  The trick now...not to gain any more :-P  I know I've blogged about intuitive eating and nighttime eating before...I'm still working on it.  I've done better with the "crescendo" eating problem (increasing amounts through the day) but I still have a tendency to succumb to eating after dinner and eating my emotions.  Gonna try to work on that second one in the next few weeks.  Even if my foot sucks and I can't run, I don't need to feel like crap on the bike or gain more weight during my recovery.
My plan?
Watching the hunger scale.  Am I eating just for the heck of it?  Because it's "time to eat"?  Or because I am really and truly hungry?
I don't expect it to be easy.  Actually, I think the hardest part will be making sure I give myself permission to eat enough when I am hungry, at, say, lunch.  And remembering that just because I am accustomed to having a snacky snack at 8:30 doesn't mean I truly need one.
I've stocked up.
Sugar Free hot cocoa and hard candies.  Dum dums.  Pumpkin and Almond tea.  I know I'll need something to distract my mouth when I'm convinced I need food (TWSS?)  That...is not part of the long term solution.  But I think it's part of the process....we'll see where it goes. 
Not a restricting diet.  Just trying to get back in touch with my hunger cues.  And I know I'll feel 10x better attacking that bike course without unnecessary baggage.
Hup hup.  Veggies.  Fruits.  Lean protein.  Complex carbs.
But only if my tummy (and not my head) says "Feed me, Seymour!  Feed me!"
How are you with intuitive eating and hunger cues?  Still learning the game?  You'd think after 9 years I'd have it figured out, but nah, I just like to bang my head against the wall :-P

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