Thursday, March 29, 2012

I wanna be a millionaire so effin bad....

Good Morning! Yesterday's sunshine has given way to rainy, cold weather with a chance of snow accumulation tonight.  heh.  Good thing I'm a fan of change....I'll put away my capris for a few weeks!
So.  Let's talk about luck.  I've joked with the hubster that I'm never operating appliances on a Sunday again.
Sunday in November:  Stove breaks.  It involves a story of an 800 degree oven that wouldn't shut off...yeah, it was super fun.
Sunday in December.  Garbage disposal breaks.  It got fixed, but involved the hubster under the sink for two hours, swearing at me.  Awesome.
Sunday in February.  Dryer breaks.  Dammit.  Luckily, we got a new drayer in less than a week. Score.
Sunday (2 weeks later) in March.  Washer Breaks.  WTF. (We suspect it missed the dryer and they had a lil somethin' somethin' goin' on)
Luckily, our awesome new neighbor bought a new washer with the NYS rebate incentive, and is giving us his old one to tide us over until we buy a new one.  Score!  We go pick it up tonight....I am so thankful. 
And today ( cause I think it was trying to throw off our Sunday cycle) the power steering in the hubster's car blew.  dammit.  Guess who's probably going new car shopping soon?
Note to the higher being....
The bank of Glaser does not have unlimited funds! :-P
Or does it?  Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Mega Millions jackpot is up to $500 million dollars tomorrow night...record breaking.  Now, I never play the lottery, save scratch offs (cause they're fun!) but I'm in a pool with about 15 other people from work for tomorrow night.
Imagine if we won.....
Payout if we win by ourselves-about $350 million.
Lump sum payment:  $250 million
Post taxes:  $150 million (I'm guessing here!)
Payout:  $10 million each.
Now, I realize that I could make a go of it on my own, a la "It Could Happen to You", but I think it's much more fun this way :-)
10 million dollars.  Woah.  I hate to dream big, but this is too much fun!
With 10 million dollars I would....
Share some of the wealth with family.  Of course. 
Quit my job (I'm no hero).
Buy a beautiful new house, as well as a vacation home at the place of my choosing.
Investing.  At least half of it-right to investments.  I'm not blowing this.
After all that, I would play :-)  Buy a brand new bike, do all the races I want to (hello destination marathon and triathlons!), go shopping!  Sweet.
Find something that I enjoy doing and volunteer my time.
And I'm sure I could think of so many more!!
All you need is a dollar and a dream....
I got 15 bucks.
And a few dreams.
Who knows? :-)
What would you do with a gazillion dollars?  Any ideas?  I'm perfectly happy with the status quo, but it's fun to dream!


  1. If i were to win the lotto
    1. Get a lawyer (or someone really good with money for financial advice who does not have a vested interest, or greedy eyes on, my money)
    2. Pay off all my debt
    3. Go to the doctor and get me all fixed up so I can live a long time with my new found freedom
    4. Help all the people who have stayed by me and helped my all my life. I dont want them to have to worry about anything ever again. (I can think of 5)
    5. Buy a house in Rochester (or surrounding area)for summertime, you cannot beat NY in the summer
    6. Buy a house in CA, close to (but not TOO close to) my mom, not because I dont like my mom, but because I dont like all of LA.
    7. Take a much needed vacation, not sure what kind (fun, leisure, travel)
    8. Find a charity to help, or set up a scholarship for someone, or something needed to find help, but not a handout. I have seen enough of the handout type people to last me a lfetime. Help I will give.

    Thats if there is enough money in the winnings, but thats all I can think of for now. Its what I say I will do, its probably what everyone says they will do, when the reality is what I will probably do is go on a huge effing shopping spree, so when I roll into your driveway Rae in by big blinged out Escalade dont be too shocked.

    1. sweet! I like your plans :-) I am thinking some NC real estate would be in our plans as well...and if you win, Im visiting you and your mom in CA! If we don't win...lets make a plan to head out there anyways :-) I miss you!!