Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do you have Five?

No, no, not five minutes.  But if you do, please read won't take longer than that.  Double promise :-)  So, I was on my way to work this morning, windows down, contemplating in all seriousness if people would miss me if I stuck a life sized doll behind my desk and spent the day in my bathing suit and a trashy magazine out on the deck, sipping an adult beverage.  Thoughts on this?  Yeah, I thought they might too.  So, on I went.
As I drove in, I was listening to the Elvis Durand morning show on KISS, and they were interviewing Liam Hemsworth, who is one of the hotties starring in the Hunger Games movie (which comes out tomorrow night-are you going to see it?)  Anywhos, Elvis was talking about his hot self (Liam's) and how we wished that he had a guy that hot naked in his room (gotta love this stuff at 8am, right?)  Well, it made me realize that #1.  I need to go see this movie.  And #2....will it change my "5"?
What's the big 5, you ask?  Well, if you watched know.  Remember, the one where Ross and Rachel agree on the five freebie celebrities that they can....smooch....if they ever get a chance?  (Or, maybe more...but hey, trying to keep this a family blog!)  Well, of course, that episode spurred a full movement of the Big Five discussion among the ladies and even resulted in a tumblr feed dedicated to sharing "your 5".


So, what are the rules of the five game?  Well, from what I know...

They all need to be celebrities. No fair putting the hot runner friend you have on the list, or your best friend's ex boyfriend.  These guys do not count because, let's face it. The likelihood of you gettin' lucky is way too high.  Celebrities, people. 
Your five can change at any time, but if you meet someone that was "on the cusp" of the list but is not on the list and is willing to smooch you, sorry Charlie, it's a no go. The only way you get a free pass is if they are currently ON the list. I would advise against laminating the list, as Ross does.  It's way too permanent.
The agreement, is, of course, completely theoretical and contingent on the fact that you will never ever meet these people.  I pretty much know that, but it's fun to dream :-)
So, who are my five?  Well, here goes.....
1.  Joshua Jackson.  From Mighty Duck to Pacey to Peter on Fringe, this guy has been around since I was a kid.  Adorable then, hot now.
2.  Ryan Reynolds  Um, HELLO.  He might have been a total D-Bag in Waiting and Van Wilder.... and never have produced a film actually worth watching, but as far as I'm concerned, he doesn't have to.  Nope, honey, you can just pose for the camera, spank you very much.  Oops, I mean thank you.
3.  Craig Alexander.  Ironman Champion.  Hott.  Nice.  Not an egotistical prick.  Plus, ya know, we can actually swim, bike and run together.  Yeah,I crack myself up.  Maybe he can pull me along in one of those child carriers...or...I can bike alongside him running.  A girl can dream.
4.  Robert Pattinson.  I guess you can figure out which Twilight Team I was dark and mysterious.  Yummy.  Might be robbin' the cradle...but I don't care. 
5. Gary Sinise.  People, yeah, I know.  He's not hot.  And I rue the day I told my husband about this one, because not a commercial goes by for CSI when he doesn't point and laugh.  I hang my head in shame.  But there's something about him that makes me think he would just sling me over his should and have his way with me.  Just kissing, of course.  And that's hot.

Sorry, Liam, you didn't make the cut. Better luck next time :-) Now, If you'll excuse me, I think I'm gonna go cool off with an ice cream or something.  What?  I'm perfectly normal.  At least, according to Friends....
"Ah, the heart of every healthy relationship. Honesty, respect, and sex with celebrities." - Ross

'zactly.  Do you have a "Five" list?  Or am I a crazy pants?  If so, I'll just be crazy.  I don't mind :-)


  1. hi there- it's been awhile but I'm still around- just really busy- my five are 1,2,3,4, & 5 without a doubt JOHNNY DEPP!! my fav! hope all is well - hubby and I may be taking a road trip to rachacha for a spring race- I'll keep you posted on the details! Don't forget about me!

    1. Ahhh, a solid choice :-) let me know what race-maybe ill try to catch you!!1

  2. My 5 are: Mark Harmon, Dermot Mulroney (yup, totally added him today), Kevin Costner, Viggo Mortensen, Harrison Ford

    My god.. are they all in their 50s?

    Man that was hard (no pun intended). Runner ups include the late Heath Ledger, Alexander Skarsgard, Mark Salling, Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler.. my god I could go on and on and on

    1. I had Heath Ledger on their as well, but removed him for practical purposes. Cause, ya know, I really have a shot with the ones that ARE alive. Face palm.

    2. Yeah I am going to redo my list with men that are sexy in the year 2012, not sexy in the 1980-1990 era haha

  3. 1. Sean Bean
    2. Nathan Fillion
    3. Ralph Fiennes
    4. Gerard Butler
    5. Jason Isaacs
    6. Gerard Butler
    7. Josh Holloway
    8. Hugh Jackman
    9. Kenneth Bran...

    Wait, you said just 5?
    Dang, I had it laminated!

    1. Gerard Butler is on there 2 times...I was caught up in Phantom and Lara Croft...Double Yummy!

    2. I approve of your list as it is.

    3. ..and I yours, how could I forget Kevin (Bull Durham days) and VIGGO!!! I must add to the list!

    4. me too. And hey, if Brian approves, go for it!! of course, my father in law DID ask me last night if Greg reminds me of Gary Sinise...I'm not an easy blusher, but...oh man :-P

    5. honestly I think Viggo has bumped Mark Harmon from the #1 spot!!

    6. Brian knows the Sean Bean one but not the rest. Whenever we watch something with him in it he says "Hey, there's your boyfriend, yes I know you're leaving me for HIM..." LOL

  4. I tried commenting last night but it was being silly.

    Anyways, my top 5-Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails), John Cusack, Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson (I drool over his accent!), and John Krasinski.