Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I think we need space.

Okay, I'm finally ready to admit it.
I need a break.
Some space.
The freedom to not be tied down.
It's not that I'm not in love....
I'm just not feeling the spark anymore.
Yes, running, I think we need to take some time apart. 
 You see, I'm just not that into you right now.  I've been trying to feel it....the rush of adrenaline that comes with a successful run or the end of a race.....climbing the hills and seeing the wonderful descent on the other side....admiring the beauty of a rainstorm sduring a run...or a sunny day....
But I'm not.  I'm grumbling about the wind.  My aching calf.  How many miles are left.  And while sometimes I have to ease into our dates, I'm not going home satisfied.  And for the first time ever today....I called for a bailout on our date :-(  12 miles planned...and I  had a girlfriend sneak me out in a getaway car at mile 9.  Lame.  Why?  My calf.  The wind.  My blistered soles of my feet (which are a b&^tch to run in!)
Nah.....those are just excuses.  The real reason?
I need some time.  Let's try a week, okay?  I'll postpone my planned race this weekend...and do some non race related exercise.  I love you too much to screw up our 2012 season. 
And I may visit my mountain bike, the pool, or take a kickboxing class....but I'm not cheating on you, I promise.  Those are just friends.
Space does not mean I will be intimate with any other sports, running.  Don't listen to Dirk-I love you best.
Let's talk again next week, okay?
I predict we really are meant to be together.
I just need to figure that one out myself.

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