Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday Bash!

Well, if having two out of four parents turn 60 in a 3 week span isn’t a good idea for a party, I don’t know what is.  Add in two more family members with birthdays this week…well, you gotta do something Smile
30 family members and friends.
72 hot dogs.
7 different salads.
12 bags of chips.
9 3 liter bottles of soda.
2 cakes.
4 birthday boys and girls.
Cousins Larry, Pam, Karen and Tom (the newlyweds!)

Deck step dining-Dennis, Debbie, Kathy and Noah
Webster friends Linda, Gaylen, Joan and Dave-and Mama TFB!
The Birthday crew-Larry, Aunt Diana-and the 60 twins Mama TFB and Dad G.
Blow out them candles!!
What a great day Smile  Good food, good friends, good times!! 

And even ended up with some good old school bocce in an adventureland lawn.  (Who needs mowing-it madek it more interesting to search for the Polanski that way, right? Smile with tongue out)  Thanks to everyone for bring the side dish and snack yummies….can’t wait to do it again!!
As for today…..a hot and humid 9 miles behind me (yay for mastering the nutrition and pace), and now it’s time to clean the house and chill the heck out.  Who knows what kind of genius I’ll come up with if I give my tired mind and body a break and zone in front of crap TV!
Yup.  That’s probably it.  Later gators Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Thanks Rae for a great time and the wonderful pictures!