Friday, July 22, 2011

Trail Mix

Ohhh, what a wonderful day so far :-)  Still super hot up here in Placid/Keene, but sunny and gorgeous! The hubster and I started off the day bright and early-it's his birthday, have to make the most of it!!
We headed into the main part of the Inn for the "breakfast buffet.".  Um, can we say HOLY YUM??  They had fresh eggs, homemade bread and muffins, bagels, spreads, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, and...AN OATMEAL BUFFET!!  Check it out:
Tea, Coffee, hot cocoa!!

granola and fruit

Oatmeal and toppings...YUM!

fruit and organic yogurt

Breads, spreads and eggs

"You're gonna love my nuts!"
YUM TASTIC.  Post eats, we headed back to the room to celebrate the birthday :-)  Ice cream and cake AFTER Ironman, but the presents now!!  The hubster scored some sweet $$ for post IM goodies, a massage, magazine subscriptions, Beers of the World gift card and....
A Slap Chop!!!  LOL  (Don't ask.)
After da birthday, the hubster stayed in to chillax, while I  explored the Keene Valley Trails.  I headed out to Rooster Comb, which is about a 4 mile hike.   Hot, humid, and buggy, but just gorgeous!!

Clearly, I find myself to be

Whaddya live under a rock??

Perfect.  Now it's time to go jump in the lake, and the athlete dinner!!  Lovin' this weekend and it only gets better....2 days till IRONMAN!!

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