Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Calm before the Storm

In 12 hours, the hubster will jump into Mirror Lake with 2400 other athletes and start his iron journey.  Before we go to bed tomorrow,  he WILL be an Ironman.
The training is done.
The bike is racked.
Bike and Run Bags are in.
Pre-race meal is done.
Check, check, check.
Can I even tell you how stinkin' proud I am of this guy???  Whether he comes in at 12 hours or at 16:59, he has dedicated the last 7 months of his life to training for an event.  And he's a sprinter!!
That's the amazing part.  Not the 13-17 hours on the course tomorrow, but the dedication to this event.  Of running in the snow (I think he wishes we had some now, lol).  Of swimming 7 million 50 meter repeats.  Of biking 6 hours on the trainer in the middle of winter.
Amazing  Just Amazing.
Tomorrow, feel free to follow tracking, the hubster's number is 1115.  They will post updates on every timing mat he crosses (once on the swim, 6 times on the bike, and 6 times on the run) and then live stream the finish line. 
Of course, I am going to be iron sherpa-ing my little heart out for this man, and will be all over the course with his Dad to make the day special. If you have some time tomorrow, stop and think about the hubster and send him your best.  He is one heck of an athlete, but anything helps on a race this long.
Greg, I KNOW tomorrow we're gonna hear Mike Reilly call you and Ironman.  And I cannot wait to be there to share it with you.  I am so PROUD and EXCITED for your day!!

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  1. you mean 3000 of your closet friends. Good luck greg, we'll be following you.