Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lobstah Lobstah

Hello and welcome to roasty toasty Tuesday!  And no, I'm no just talking about the weather, although it is a balmy 88 degrees here in New York.  Nope, I'm more so referring to my new look of the season:

Now if it only were cool to wear a backless bikini or halter top into the workplace, I would be all set....pshaw.
Well, aside from concerned comments from my co-workers and a few are you crazy stares (why yes, yes I am!) today was a decent day.  I'm still redder than red, sorer than sore, and bloated and nauseous, but I slept through the night, which is more than I can say for Sunday night.  Poor hubster.  However, all is not lost in the land of Rae, for I am still up to my crazy triathlete obsessed shenanigans.  It's time for a Tuesday game called "good idea, bad idea!"  Shall we play?

Good Idea:  Hydrating to reduce inflammation caused by crazy sunburn/sun poisoning.
Bad Idea:  Guzzling 3 cups of coffee within an hour of waking up cause they tasted. so good.
Good Idea:  Wearing a strapless bra so to not irritate the burn/initiate direct skin contact.
Bad Idea:  wearing a too big strapless bra cause you're not fashion conscious enough to own functional bras other than sports bras.  Crap.
Good Idea:  Reapplying Aloe every hour to soak in and moisturize burned area.
Bad Idea:  Swimming 1.5 miles during lunch 'cause it's on your training plan.   In the chlorinated pool. Derf.  Even swimmies couldn't fix that one.  Ever seen Home Alone?  Yeah, it was like that. 

Oh well.  No one's nominating me for the Mensa awards.  And I'm okay with that.  I'm calling it stubborn determined.  And stickin' to it.

And now that I've gotten that of my chest....it's time to put the pedal to the medal.  Dustin' off Musselman, and onto this weekend!  What's this weekend?  IT'S PLACID TIME, BABY!!  Time to do it up as the hubster takes on his first Ironman!  I take this sherpa stuff seriously.  Not only does he race on Sunday, but he celebrates his birthday on Friday!  What a weekend!  Countin' the days.....

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