Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Desserts backwards

Exactly.  It seems as if in the time that I was away this weekend, the big guy upstairs turned the world upside down, shook out all the marbles, and then put them back in the jar.  And now I gotta figure out how to make sense of it all :-).  No biggie, I got this:
MMM.  Peanut Butter, I love thee.

Oh right, life.  Crap.  So, how to deal??  Well, it seems that when it rains, it pours, friends.  I'm pretty good at dealing with stress (it's just desserts backwards, after all), but I pretty much suck at it when it comes at me from all sides!  Some of it's minor (like my poor hubby who is the walking wounded :-P) or the fact that I'm throwing a party on Saturday with about 30 people invited and my house and yard is a the more major like some of the stuff going on with work right now (not life or death of course, but alot of stress during the 9-5) and a few things going on with loved ones that leave me feeling kinda spent.
And that's not even dealing with my own neurosis junk!  So, how to deal? :-P
Well, I won't pretend to be a self-help book, cause no one would buy that wants to hear me preach, but I'm working on a plan for me :-)  Namely, some things that don't involve eating a jar of peanut butter in one sitting or a carb fest for comfort!  So, what's on my chill out list?

Well, first and foremost, I'm trying to work with the rule of ten.  As in...looking at the problem.  Will it matter in 10 minutes?  10 hours?  10 days?  10 years?  If it's the last two, it's worth some sort of attention.  If it's the first two, move along, sista.

Secondly, as strange as it seems to type this, I am trying to put me first when I can.  I think (and I find it's mostly women, but men do this too, so no stereotyping :-P) that it has been drilled into us by society that we need to please everyone, and it usually comes at the expense of what is healthy for us.  Can you bake 3 dozen cookies by tomorrow for a bake sale?  SURE!  How about helping me out after work today with fill in the blank?  NO PROBLEM!  Hey, can you meet me to have a working lunch today?  ABSOLUTELY!  Catch my drift?  We want to be helpful and seen as good people, and I think that is super, but not 100% of the time, otherwise you lose doing whats best for the most important person-you. 'Cause if you don't take care of you, who else will/  And how will you be good to anyone else?  (Just sayin'.  I'm really not advocating selfishness.  It's more so, no, honey, I can't do the dishes again tonight.  I'm gonna go soak in a bubble bath to destress myself.  (Again, note to add-the hubster does the dishes 99% of the time.  Just making an example :-P)

Lastly, I'm working in increments.  I made a list of things to get done this week, and I'm going to work off a timer.  One hour each night to cross stuff off the list, then put it away till the next day.  Tackle the most important stuff first, and if it doesn't all get done, the heck with it.  I'm sure no one will notice if I don't get around to weeding the entire flower bed or dusting the TV cabinet.  And if they do, they need a life.  So there :-P.

Phew!  I feel better putting that down.  Anyone else have any good life stress busting tips?  Aside from spoonfuls of peanut butter.....


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  1. You got it, girl. Take one step at a time, breathe, and trust yourself. And there's a big difference between being self-centered and centering yourself. The latter is ALWAYS worth it. :) And I can give this advice because I really NEEDED it yesterday, as I had a bit of combustion upon reentry into real life. Take care, chica.