Friday, July 29, 2011

Have you met Miss Jones?

Someone said as we shook hands
She was just Miss Jones to me....

Who, me?  Why yes, yes, I have met her :-).  While I have focused on the hubster's accomplishments over this past weekend (as I darn well SHOULD have!)  I have neglected to mention the highlight of my weekend!  (Not quite as exciting as finishing an Ironman.  But still pretty cool). 

I met Miss (well Mrs.) Jones!!  Yup.  Michellie Jones, uber triathlete, winner of the Ironman World Championships in 2006, Olympic silver medalist, fellow pink triathlon chick and on and on.  SUH-WEET!!  Now, I'm not too much for hero worship, but when I started out in this sport back in 2005-2006-, Michellie Jones was where is was at.  (Yes, there was a pre-Chrissie Wellington, I promise). 
This pro all star sorta wowed me from the get go because she was super fast, a multi- distance guru, she wore pink (clearly, this was important to me, lol) and she seemed like a genuine nice person.
Well, she is!  As I dropped off the hubster at the athlete dinner last Friday, I ran to the store to pick up a few last minute things for his race day.  Half hour later-I get a text:  Mrs. Jones is here.  At first, I had no clue, but then remembered that my tri idol does race day coverage for Ironman live.  Awesomesauce.  I got really jealous, but then decided to sneak into the dinner after they finished serving (hey, I wasn't gonna steal athlete food!) to catch a glimpse.  No such luck.  I got into the mas of about 2000 athletes, watched Mike Reilly do his cool presentation, watched Matt Long give an Ironman pep talk, and all that jazz.  Pre-athlete meeting, the VIPs left, and then I saw this tall woman with blonde hair walk by...was it??  I stood there, kinda star struck and the hubster made this "Well, there ya go!" gesture.  Super.  cool.
Me and Michellie!
I stood watching like a freakin 6 year old, as she walked outside the tent and stood talking to some very lucky people.  The hubster nudges me and goes, why don't you go ask her for a picture?  No....and I got shy :-)  After a few minutes of being stupid, I went over and sorta stammered (all cool like).  "Ummm....hi.  You're basically my triathlon idol, can I get a picture?"  And she smiles and was like, Of course!! and says, oh by the way, I love your necklace! (And like a 4th grader, I'm now never taking it off).
YAY!  Of course, I look like a total idiot in the picture, and I think she must be about 6'2", as I came up to her shoulders.  lol.
Still, pretty epic. So yeah, I met Miss Jones :-)  And it made my weekend!!
But I guess that's old news.  It's almost the new weekend!!  YAY!  I've got a 90 mile ride on Saturday and  a long run on Sunday as we approach 9 WEEKS left until my Ironman!!  And then, between those two, serving up a picnic at the casa for about 30 people to celebrate Mama TFB and Dad G.'s big 6-0 celebration.  Good times ahead.  Stay tuned for pics of the summer picnic big birthday bash, along with a few new BBQ recipes and tips for hosting and feeding a crowd!  Happy Friday, lovelies :-)

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  1. OMG... that is so the Awesomesauciest!!! What a Fun post!! Sounds like a great weekend all the way around for both you and the newly crowned man of Iron. It's nice when the Universe and the planets are all lined up for a chance meeting like that! WOW... She IS TALL!! Good luck with your training for your Ironman Rae. Which are you doing? Oh wait I see you have a race schedule..... I'll stop being lazy and take a peek!