Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're just Keene!

Har har har.  Well, as you probably guessed, we arrived safe and sound in Lake Placid!!  The hubster got his bibs and signed his life away....we soaked in Placid for a bit, then drove to our Bed and Breakfast to check in, unpack, eat dinner, and chill!!  Check it out:
Keene Descent....from a car :-P  A little less crazy that way!!

Transition set up at the Oval...its IRONMAN, baby!
No, I will not sue WTC if I drown (that would be kinda difficult, wouldn't it? :-P         

Backyard at Keene Valley Lodge
The Notman Suite (we have our own porch!)

Living room (I spy a future IRONMAN!)

Bedroom...King Sized bed HEAVEN!!
After settling in and letting it cool down to a reasonable 90 degrees (at 7:30, lol) I set off for a ridiculous 5 mile run in the heat and explored Keene Valley.  It was muggy, hot, and slow, but beautiful!!  Hopefully I'll get to check out some of the trails while we are here :-)

On Tap tomorrow is a 2 mile swim in beautiful mirror lake, exploring Keene a bit, some hiking, and a nice run while the hubster is at the Athlete dinner.  Oh yeah....AND celebrating SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY!!!  (hint-I married him!!)  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!


  1. whats your husbands number so we can follow on sunday

  2. 1115- Thanks Donna! His goal is sub 14!!