Thursday, July 14, 2011

Father Knows Best

Oh, okay, maybe not ALWAYS.  But we're gonna pretend he does today.....Happy Birthday to my amazing father in law, Wayne, who has a milestone birthday today!!  (I suppose I should at least say it's not 29.  His son turns 33 next week, so that wouldn't work out too well.)  Not goin' any further that that, though...

To DAD!!!  (Yes, he is secure enough as a guy to always use the ballerina coffee mug.  Secretly, I think he digs it). 

Well, the hubster and I are taking out Dad for a birthday dinner tonight at Red Lobsta (his fave) so it'll be good to pretend that we have a social life hang out over dins and catch up!  An since it's HIS day, I figured a lil somethin' somethin' was in order, so I think a big shout out to the awesomeness of my FIL is in order (And I'm not trying to butter him up for anything.  I think.)  So without further ado, let's take a look at why this guy here rocks...

1.  He's a legit musician.  Been on TV, plays at country clubs, has his own CDs.  How cool is that?  (I won't post the crazy 60s photos of the first band he was in....we'll save that for the next big bday :-P)

Lima Country Club 2009
2.  He has an insane knowlege of music/bands.  The hubster waxes me on any music trivia from what he learned from his dad as a kid.  A stove will never look the same to me.

3.  He has wicked wit and sarcasm.  Sometimes, he's a 10 year old.  Sometimes, he's a ...(yeah, don't think you were gonna catch me there)

4.  He's a cyclist!  And you know we swim-bike-run nerds stick together.  Someday, the hubster and I plan to hijack him for a Glaserino relay triathlon.  Watch out, dad.

5.  Not only is he a great dad-but a super grandpa!  (No, there are no wicked surprises, folks, my sister in law has two kids....but I can't wait to provide the next grand kid!)

6.  Bottom line-he is super supportive of the hubster and I -from getting married, to picking out a house, to our Ironman/triathlons/running races, he has been there for us, offering up good advice when we need it, and letting us work through our thoughts when we want to try to figure it out on our own.  And you can't ask for better than that.



  1. Great Kudo's to Uncle Wayne....I have to say could not have a better uncle growing up or now...We all love him dearly and well...we all love him dearly. Happy Birthday Uncle Wayne....(and yes he can handle the ballereina coffee mug for the many years I called him "AUNT WAYNE":) Love Amy

  2. Ya had to throw in "The Wuss" didn't you?
    Thanks for all the kind words, most of them are blatant lies but I'm gonna let them slide.
    I shall celebrate my tenth birthday, hey it's possible, our family ain't right.
    No actually when I hit fifty I started celebrating Bastille Day and that shall continue. Oh and I really do dig the ballerina mug. Big Thank you!

  3. I love how Wayne has the mug in his hand, AND another cup on the table in front of him. It must be your birthday dude, you're DOUBLE FISTED! Party on Wayne!

  4. Actually the other cup was Greg's I am only allowed to use the ballerina cup when at their place.