Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Placid Baby!!

Well, its that time again, folks.  Tomorrow, the hubster and I will travel up to Lake Placid for Ironman weekend!  YAY!!!  Although I am not competing this year (and a small part of me really wishes I was!!!) the hubster will be taking on his first Ironman, and I am super-excited to be his sherpa!!! 
As I've said before, Lake Placid, to me, is about the best damn place in the world.  It's gorgeous anytime, but when you throw in 3000 athletes competing in the best damn sport in the world, it's truly magical.  And I can't wait to be part of it again.  And heck, who knows, maybe even see a GOB scooter!
I remember last year at this time....going crazy through my lists, driving up to Placid, seeing the Oval all set up for bikes....and just losing it with excitement, nerves and anticipation of the big day!  What an awesome experience. 
I remember setting my bike up in transition, getting my million gear bags together....the athlete dinner and Mike Reilly...stressing out over whether I had trained enough and if I could actually do this!!!....sharing fears and nerves and excitement with other "Iron Virgins"....

And the big day.   Wow.  I can't even compare it to anything else i know. 
Ironman 2010-July 25, 2010....was just about the damn best day of my life (ok, ok, AFTER my wedding day!).  From getting body marked to the craziness of the swim start...(yup, I'm in that mess.  Don't worry, I didn't show Mama TFB until way after :-P) ....

To the crazy 112 mile crash (hopefully in 2011 people pay a bit more attention to the rules of the road) the amazing scenery.....the marathon...which, by all rights, should be painful, but save for mile 24, was the best damn part of my day!!  To the ultimate culmination...crossing the finish line and hearing Mike Reilly call ME an  Nothing compares!!  Of course, if you'd like to read the full enchilada, check out my race report!
Wow.  Just, wow.  How can you even compare to that?  Answer:  you can't.  And the hubster will get to DO IT ALL!!!  My job?  Keeping him calm, helping him out, taking pictures, and CHEERING HIM ON!!!  Along with the hubster, a crazy contingent of athletes will be official shout out and MUCHO LUCK TO....Rich, Kim, Travis, Ken, Greg, Matt, Karin and Marc (and anyone else I missed!) .  YOU GUYS ARE GONNA ROCK IT!!!
However....I can't wait to see this guy cross:
7 months of training comes down to this one day.  You got this, babe.  Let's GO DO IT LIVE!!

Stay tuned...I'll be blogging for the road!! 

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