Monday, July 4, 2011

Carolina Beauty!

1600 plus miles. (in the car...I'm not THAT crazy)
25 hours in the car.
3 days.
7 states.
18 pew bows.
6 boxes of kleenex.
24 bottles of water.
4 speech drafts.
100 plus degree heat index.
1 stunning, gorgeous bride and her handsome groom.

What a weekend :-)  Thank you Rach, for making me part of your day!!!

And because I can't do it justice with words, once again, we're going to say it with pictures:
Mom prepping the bride pre ceremony

The girls.....

The bride and groom!

First moments as man and wife

Well, kiss her then!!!

Mister and Missus McDuffee!!

The chapel

Reception menu.  Food = AMAZE.

Me and my date!  (Yeah, he brought a bridesmaid home :-P)
First Dance as a married couple: "I knew I loved you"
Throwing the bouquet....clearly, Janine wanted this catch!!  And she got it!!

We did it!!

 A big congrats to Don and my besty Rachael for tying the knot!  I am so happy for the two if you and wish you the best in the years to come!!!

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