Monday, October 31, 2011

Smarty Pants

Happy Halloween!  Did you dress up?  I didn't follow through with my whole Black Swan idea today (a little too chilly for NY!) but I did go with a wonderful last minute costume that sounded funny....
Yup.  I'm a smarty pants.  Don't know why that's really "dressing up" for me, but hey, at least if I get hungry or need a sugar fix to wake me up, I'm good to go :-D.  At least I tried....
So, who's handing out goodies tonight?  We have a crap ton of kids in our neighborhood...last year the hubster and I learned that one the hard way when we had to turn off our lights at 8pm because we ran out of goodies!  Don't worry, I'm prepared this year, though.....
Just kidding :-D (x3 that amount is ready to go!)
I'm thinking some sort of Halloween exercise is in order tonight....10 crunches for every witch, 10 push ups for every super hero, and 10 jumping jacks for every teenager trying to pass off a hoodie as a costume, perhaps?
Dear lord, I'm going to be dead after that. 
At least I'll have a good costume :-D