Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Party!

I'm pretty sure our future children are shaking their heads in disgust.  MOM....DAD!  You guys are SOOOO silly!  Yeah, we know.  And I'm ok with that.  If carving a pumpkin as an adult is wrong....I don't wanna be right :-D
Attacking the pumpkin.....

I'm gonna kick your butt!!

I'm scared of the knife wielding hubster.....

Scooping out the flesh...


We don't want no stringy guts!!

There are no words....I am certain.

The innards!

Transforming to a healthy snack!  Sprinkle on some black pepper and roast.  Delish!

Knife for carving?  Pshhh....for AMATUERS!

Anderson the pumpkin guy

Super scary Halloween glow :-)
Yup.  We're about 5 years old.  It's good practice for the future, I'm told :-D  Happy (almost) Halloween!


  1. I carved a pumpkin last year! I still hate the gooey insides! but I bet you are a much better carving buddy :)

  2. Love this post - carving pumpkins rocks!!! Happy pre-Halloween!!