Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cha-Cha-cha changes!

Theme of my life lately :-)  Sometimes it's good, sometimes, it's bad, but at least it keeps me busy enough so I don't sit on my duff and go crazy, right?  Right!  (That's half full thinking, folks!)

It's a busy week here at the house....we got trainings, classes, holiday errands (hello costume shopping!), parties to prep for (Halloween and a birthday party!) and also tackling some much needed projects before the snow flies.  The hubster has replaced our garage door opener, I've tried to break the garage door already (hey, what's a marriage without teamwork?) and we've both been on outside leaf and clean up detail.  Something about non-exercise activity thermogenesis...right? (Doesn't that language make me sound smart?  Don't be fooled!)

It's fall.  And off season.  I can tell.  And while part of me is happy to be done with 2011, part of me is sad.  I did my year in review and have made peace with 2011, but it doesn't mean I can't miss my favorite season...TRI SEASON!  How do I know the season is over?  Aside from the obvious....there are subtle ways....

* I no longer have enough trainer sessions to get me through a week of Y&R DVR'ing.  I'm 2 weeks behind.  It's tragic.  How will I know if 5 year old Delia is attending college yet?  It could happen!
*  It's dark out by 7pm.  Next weekend, we lose even more daylight after work.  Booty.
*  I no longer need to do wash 3 times a week in order to have enough bike shorts to get me through the week.  Incidentally, this means I am wearing more of my wardrobe, rather than recycling the same capris :-P
*  Speaking of capris, it's getting cold enough for pants.  I hate pants.  I still will wear flip flops till the snow flies though.  You can't stop me.
* I can't eat like I did during training :-P  My eats are pretty healthy, but boy do I like to eat!  And I refuse to succumb to post season weight gain like I did last year....bring on the fall produce! (And yes, I am buying butternut squash like it's my job.  There are worse things.)
*Snuggies are back!  Well, according to Alexa, they never went out of style.  And I agree.  But now people won't think we are strange because we live in them.  At least that's what my story is.
*I'm totally not motivated to run.  Is that bad?  I still am enjoying cycling and swimming, and lots of random cardio and strength, but running....not yet.  My feet are a mess.  And it's just not happening.  Then I feel bad.  But...I realize I did a flippin' IRONMAN 31 days ago.  And I give myself a pass.  Next week, perhaps :-)

All signs point to OFF SEASON!  And although I miss the races, I think I'm ok with that! 
Is it your off-season yet?  What does that mean to you?

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  1. ah yes.. Snuggies rule the world! (or maybe, people who wear Snuggies rule the world!)