Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Minute Halloween

Whew.  Let's get this weekend started, shall we?  Ok, fine fine.  I'm no wild party animal.  We all know this.  But shockingly, I do have a few things on the agenda this weekend other than swim, bike, run, sleep, eat repeat.  Shocked?  So was I :-)

The hubster and I are actually going to a Halloween party and we also have a family thing to celebrate my uncle's birthday.  I'm a good niece (sometimes) so I've got the whole present deal covered but regarding Halloween, I'm a bit behind :-P.  Now, this isn't necessarily a costume party, but since we all know I like to act like a 5 year old, I figured I would at least see what kind of costume I can scrounge up.  So I consulted the best creativity (bahahahaha), my friends, and the Internet and I found some here ya go:


Fun last Minute Halloween Costumes
1.  Puffy paint a shirt with the word "ceiling".  Carry pom poms.  You're a Ceiling fan.
2  Wear a rabbit tail and ears.  Drape cobwebs over your sweatshirt.  = Dust Bunny.
3.  Go to BJ's or Sam's and buy a big box of cheerios.  Eat.  Cut out a portion of the box to frame your face.  Pick up a plastic knife.  Bingo- you're a serial cereal killer!
4.  Cut out a bunch of numbers and pin them on your shirt or pants.  Now you're "someone you can count on!"
5.  Take a computer (or any other) large box and cut a hole in each side and the bottom.  Cut out the top flaps completely.  Wrap in any type of wrapping paper.  Put a bow on your head....bam, you're a present!

A few of these I have done myself, some I have heard of from people.  I also have another one up my sleeve for Halloween this year....stay tuned!

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Any fun plans?

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