Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Win Some, Lose some.

And sometimes you gotta take your sugar with lumps :-D Its been an up and down and up and down and roundy round day.

Winning - Starting the day off a mug of pumpkin coffee.
Losing- Dumping said coffee all over my lap on the first sip

Winning - Having banana oats for breakfast.
Losing-Exploding the oats in the microwave.

Losing-Ridiculous phone calls (we'll leave it at that)
Winning- Caller I.D.  (tee hee hee)  Just kidding.  I answered it.  Then wished I had some pumpkin coffee to dump on the phone.  pfffft.

Winning- Super awesome 8 x 400 repeat workout on the 'mill during lunch
Losing-  Dropping my mp3 player in the (clean!) toilet pre-workout.

Meh.  Clearly, I need to just wrap myself in bubble wrap and call it a day.  I'm sorta scared that I set our self-timer for the oven so dinner will be ready when I get home from dance class....let's hope I still have a house!  And the fact that the hubster has declared tonight pumpkin carving night....I think I'll take pictures and let him weild the knife :-D

Anyone think the ole phone in a bag of rice can translate to mp3 player in a bag of oats?  I'm trying it....

And is anyone else's Wednesday as ridiculous as mine is so far? :-D

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  1. Thats one hell of a day!! Hopefully today is less disastrous!!!