Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of the Dead

Well, we've gotten through Halloween. And now it's onto the rest of the fun end of the year holidays-Thanksgiving and Christmas!  But, lest we get ahead of ourselves, let's talk about today.  And the holiday that seems pretty darn appropriate for the weather, the way I am feeling, and the post sugar Halloween hangover I KNOW alot of people must have....today is the Day of the Dead.  Now, technically this is a Mexican holiday to honor friends and family that are no longer with us.  However, I think that with the weather, post Halloween sugar crash, and the fact that I feel like a complete turd today, I am crowning it to be my day of laying around semi dead.  No, really, it's just about as fun as it sounds .  In other words, I feel like death.  Blech.
 To celebrate this holiday I left work a bit early and am at home sipping on some chai tea and reading my latest obsession.  I phoned in my workout.  And there is some seriously cold-clearing canned chicken soup in my future (yeah, I'm not cooking today).  Sometimes the best thing to do for sickies is admit defeat and take care of yourself.  Hopefully this plan works!  Thankfully, I have my favorite Mister Peanut mug at my side filled with steaming goodness so I don't end up lookin' all mad like this....
Yikes.  Someone get that man a ballerina mug, stat.. Just kidding, Dad G.  I promise I won't mess with you.  Till tomorrow, at least :-D
Have a good night, friends!

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