Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas....

Well, ok, no it's not.  It's more like a green christmas.  BNL would approve.  But I'm in the spirit regardless :-)  Bring on the snow!  (Don't hate.  Just till January 2.)
Hey hey, I'm back to blog world!  Rough Monday.  Don't ask.  The basics....I was a grump. A Grinch.  And why subject you to my madness when I'm not feeling cheerful?  (Or at least human).  So I took a day off.  It happens.  But of course I can't stay away for long-I love you all too much!
So what's new and exciting?  Well, even with the freakishly warm temps, don't be fooled...it's that time of year again!  YAY!!  Even though Thanksgiving was pretty decent, I won't kid a kidder.  Christmas is my favorite time of year.  The lights, the music, the get togethers, the COOKIES, the presents, the decorations.....I love it all.  And while it isn't all necessary, it sure is fun (in moderation)!  I terribly enjoy being a kid in the month of December...and enjoying the spirit of the holiday :-)
To get myself in the mood, I started transforming our living room...
 Check out the snowmen in the upper right....they used to be my grandparent's....straight outta the 1950's.  We call them Jack and Jill 'cause cutesy names make everything better they are such a cute couple!
 Unpacking the boxes.  I'm about halfway done-I didn't want to scare you by showing you how Christmas obsessed I really am!
Lights are up on the tree!  Next up-ornaments.  The hubster and I make micro cocoa and go through all our childhood (and adulthood) ornaments and decide which ones make the cut.  Stay tuned (I know you're super excited :-D)
This week = house and Christmas cards. Workin on those....
Next week....present wrapping and COOKIE TIME!
Yeah, we gotta work on that.
What do you love best about the holidays?  Any fun traditions?

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  1. oh you just made me think about the cookies my mom only makes at the holidays...sniff it's weird not being around family!

    don't forget to update the bootie buster spreadsheet if you are still participating