Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Everything

From this....

Turkey heads.....

A man and his bird!

Amazing eats....Thanks Aunt Diana!!

My (first) plate :-D

Uncle Alan, what is your position on this dinner?  "Yeah, I'm a cardiologist.  Have some butter".  Amen :-P
To This...
Not sure why they let me walk around like this...

The hubster rejected my first choice.  Damn.

Winner winner, chicken dinner Christmas tree!!

Yeah, I wore capris.  It was 62.  I think I got a tan cutting down our tree.  Wow.

The hubster works his magic!

It's officially Christmas time!



  1. As always, thanks for sharing Rae!

  2. do you know even coming from the midwest I have never ever cut down a tree?! seems kind of crazy but mom hated all the needles

    don't forget to enter all those activities in the bootie buster spreadsheet!