Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

Gorgeous weekend-perfect for biking, running and in general, being outside.  So of course yesterday the hubster and I were both sick, and it seems as if the bug has lingered into today with the hubster.
Well, in these improvise :-)  Instead of the 3 hour bike we planned today, we did a walk run outside for an hour, then I hit the weights and did some speed work on the trainer.  Not what I pictured, but you know what Woody Allen says.....something about God laughing when you make plans :-P  Oh well.
Of course, I did wake up this morning refreshed after getting that extra hour of sleep!   I rolled over and saw the clock said...12:48.  WTF??  11:28??  (Note-we hadn't fixed the clocks yet and I usually have the bedroom clock 20 minutes fast to get my a$$ in gear in the morning.  Sometimes it works).  Well, I haven't slept till 11:30 since I was a teenager, but boy did I feel good!  As I stumbled downstairs to get coffee (was it really needed when it was almost noon?) I saw my phone time...8:10.  Apparently we lost power :-P  Awesome.  So I lingered over Hazelnut coffee for an hour or so, then hit some housework stuff while I waited for the hubster to get ready to go for our walk.  And I opened presents.  Why?  Well, wait for the laugh....
"New" kitchen stuff!
The hubster and I got married in 2009....and I was such a lucky girl to have not one, not two, but 3 bridal showers!  Well, I got some pretty awesome things.  But since no one throws me showers for being married (and why is that I ask? :-P) along with the fact that, much like my mother in law, I use things till they expire, I have patiently stored my gifts in a closet until I need them, opening one or two a month. Am I a silly goose?  Yup.  But this way I'm not throwing out stuff that's still usable, plus I get "new" stuff each month! Well, our chopper crapped the bed last week, so I investigated my stash....
And found measuring cups (somehow I lost a few of mine), some kitchen tools (yes, I registered for a monkey vegetable peeler.  Or the hubster did.  Yep, I'll blame him), my chopper, and a cookie press (thinking ahead).
Not bad!  Plus I got the feel good of new stuff without spending :-)  Whats left?....
Yeah, I know.  But that just means I get to open presents for awhile still :-)  Am I a total freak or does anyone else do this?

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