Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things that go Munch in the Night

What a weird day.
It's Tuesday.  Once again I am wearing sandals and capris in November.  Sorry, I know that's getting old...I just can't get over it :-P  My entire building sans one per diem and I are away on a retreat, so I have the place (nearly) to myself.  I've been streaming Pandora, stealing nibbles out of the peanut butter jar, and moving boxes all day.  The last two cancel each other out, right?  Blarg.
And such is the theme of my post.  With the days getting shorter, it's getting darker much quicker (yup, I went to college).  I am driving home in the dark.  And working out in the dark.  And (ugh) EATING in the dark!
With my move move move posts (we are up to 24 pushups, thankyouverymuch) I have done a great job at staying active during the off season, but my eating habits have not followed me!  I'm generally a pretty healthy eater, but have the tendency to go to crap after dinner, and with night looming earlier and earlier, white carbs are becoming my bestest friends.
Who's with me on this one?
I sense it's time for another mini challenge!!  I debated closing the kitchen after dinner, but the hubster reads this and wouldn't hesitate to let ya'll know that I'm fibbing to you (shakes fist lovingly).  I also considered cutting out anything after 9pm, but then I know I would run to the cupboards for one last fistful of animal crackers at 8:59, even though I wasn't hungry.  So, I'm gonna be a bit more gentle with myself.  Intuitive eating, people.
I'm limiting myself to one snack at night, and only after the 10 minute rule.  Whats the 10 minute rule?
Am I hungry?  Or am I bored?  If I have a craving, I will set a timer for 10 minutes and distract myself.  Some thoughts for 10 minute distractions:
* Yoga
* Bubble Bath
* Painting my nails
* Calling my bestie
* Snuggles with the hubster* Wii action
After the buzzer goes off, if I am still craving that treat, I will go for it.  But I will have thought about it first.  Then, after one serving, I will put the package away and go about my business.  Cause no one needs half a box of cereal in one sitting (yeah, it was a small box.  But still).
I am NOT going to gain the same 5 pounds I did last off season.  And cause I said it on the blog, you all are onto me and my shenanigans :-D
Ready, set.....GO!
(Anyone else go through this nighttime eating?  Any thoughts? Suggestions?  A kick in the pants?)
Ow!  That hurt!
Carry on, friends.  Enjoy the last of this unseasonably warm weather!

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  1. Rae, I love the 10 minute rule and mindful eating. Totally the right approach! I am excited to hear what works for you as a distraction instead of food! A bubble bath or painting my nails sound excellent:)