Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Hubster

It's been a crap day.
A hide under the covers kinda day.
An "I don't wanna play" day.
An..."I wish we could rewind and start over"...or skip to the next day.
But...I promised you a week of thankfulness.  And I deliver.
And I'm not lying...or even looking for the silver lining.
Today...I am thankful for the hubster.  For loving me.  For running, biking and swimming with me.  For dealing with my baby moments.  For rubbing my feet.  For doing the dishes.  For being my Iron Sherpa.  For making me laugh.  For conversing in our own made up language that anyone over the age of 5 just would not get.  (i feel sorry for future little guys).
For being there for me.  Always.
Even tonight, when I am a cranky pants.  He has ordered up a fireplace, micro-cocoa, massage oil, and my choice of television shows.  Awesome.
I couldn't ask for more.  No, I'm not kidding.

At least when I hide under the covers I'll get some good company :-D I love you baby!

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