Monday, November 21, 2011

I am Thankful

Let's put a different spin on this week, shall we?  Instead of a recipe a day for your Thanksgiving spread, I would like to address what's really important this time of year.
Wait, what?  You need food?  Ok, fine...let's lay it all out in one shot then move along :-)  T- Day recipes that I've made and wholeheartedly endorse:

Side dishes: Butternut squash fries, cranberry orange relish, autumn millet bowl, miracle mashies

Desserts: Apple Donuts, pumpkin pie, Easy easy chocolate pie (recipe forthcoming).

We good with food?  Kay thanks. 
Now I want to talk about Thanksgiving.  All jokes aside, this should be one of the best holidays, where we all realize how darned lucky we are to be alive and have such good things in our lives.  Of course, this is very personal, but I do know that everyone has SOMETHING to be thankful for....and all too often (myself included) we focus on what we want rather than what we've got.  So let's try something.  For one day, let's just be thankful for what we've got.  Hate doing the dishes?  Be thankful you have a meal to clean up after.  Think you're a "slow" runner?  Be thankful your legs will carry you through that trot.  Think your parent's lame jokes at the dinner table are ridiculous?  Enjoy them.  They might not always be around to make those jokes ( I tell myself this every time I feel I am turning into my mother :-P  LOVE YA MOM!)
What am I thankful for this year?  Oh, it's such a long list....I think I'll break it down day by day this week.  Today....I am thankful for my family.
* For my husband, who listens to me, kisses me every day, rubs my feet, and understands me. I love you.
* For my mom, who has always been there for me my whole life.
* For Uncle Alan, who, although not a bio a Dad to me in every single way possible.  I am so lucky.
* For my in laws...out laws...yeah, you know who you are.  The hubster's family rocks my socks off.  Not only do they treat me like a daughter, niece, sister, cousin, they are an awesome bunch I can be myself around.  Yep, it scares me sometimes, too.
* For my cousins...Michelle and you guys.  I idolized you when I was a kid, and now that I'm "all grown up" I still love you to bits. 
* For my Polish clan...holidays would just not be the same without you.  Karen, you are awesome for hosting us every year, and for making it fun-so glad we are closer now!!
* For everyone else....Uncle Mike, Aunt Barb, my Italian cousins, Mom B and Mister Barr....and anyone else I didn't list...YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!  Love you all to bits.
*And of course, lest I don't mention anyone that graced me with knowing them and is not around have touched my life.  To my grandparents, adopted grands, Mom Glaser.....I love you all.  And am so lucky to have known you.

More to come tomorrow....have you told a family member you loved them today?  Shown them?  You should :-)

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  1. We want to Thank you for the thoughts that you bestowed upon us. We love you and Greg and everyone that you mentioned. You are a credit to your family, Sweetheart. Here's hoping your meal is as good as your words.
    Love, Mom2 and Mister Barr xox