Sunday, November 20, 2011

Memory Lane

Thanks for bearing with me yesterday, friends.  I'm feeling a bit better some, lose some, right?  I never promised it would be a pretty ride...only that it would be honest and ME.
Speaking of rides, I've been taking another trip down memory lane this afternoon while working on my project-involving 200 floppy disks (at least)of old pictures from 1997-2004.  Wow.  Care to take a trip with me?  Here goes....
My sweet 16 (1998).  This explains...alot.  No, that was not my boyfriend at the time.  Yeesh, kids!

Uncle Alan and baby Misty circa 2000....awww

Me and Bud, Fall 2000
Heather, Rach and I Christmas 2002!

Christmas 2003...first year legal :-P

Easter 2004.  Don't ask.  I'm really not sure.

October 2004...last swim in the pool.  yeah, it was cold!

San Fran 2005....the vacation that brought me my hubster :-)

Wow, what a trip!  Funny how time changes (and doesn't change) things!

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