Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I get by with a little help...

From my friends!!  And that includes all of you, of course :-)  Today, I am thankful for you.  My friends.  You all rock.  Let's break it down.....

To old friends....ones that I have known for years and years. Heather, Amie, Jen, John, Logan, Elyse, Allie, Leigh, Andrea, Bryan, EJ, Brad, Greg, Sean, Stephanie, Kim, Megan, Pam, Stephen, Tim, Sue, Amy....I love you guys.  I am so glad to have you in my life.  You knew me back when and still haven't gotten rid of me :-P
To reunited old friends...James, Brennan, Dave...I missed you guys.  So glad we have re-connected.
To my besties....Rachael and "sister" and "brother"-I am so very lucky to have you two.  Some things just never change.
To my work friends...Heidi, Katie, Frank, EJ, Michael, Sheryl, Jude, Bill, Sally, Jerry, Tracy, Dessa, Ginny, Angela, Tracey, Adrienne, Jessica, Carole, Jeanne, Margy and everyone else at you guys. You make 9-5 tolerable :-)
To our neighbors....Vinnie, Chris, Tara, Hank, Dave, Sheena, Mike, Bill and everyone else on Sunrise...I love living where we do because of you. You guys are so much fun!
To my tri and running friends....Alexa, Heather, Carolyn, Marc, Kristin, Solveig, Stefany, Deb, Rich, Train-this team, Sandy, Kellmans, Dale, Eric, Nice Tri, Fleet feet guys all rock.  Seriously.  I have so much fun racing and you all are a big part of it!
And to my Internet friends...fellow bloggies....Victoria, Megan, Christin, Christine, Kelly, Donna, Shelley, Jen, Evan, Scott, Jill, Erin, Monica, Chloe, make blogging so much more fun!  (Especially when you comment.  I can throw something else in for me, right? :-)) Thank you for supporting my Internet ramblings...I really appreciate it!
Inevitably, I didn't mention someone.  I apologize. It's not because I forgot you.  It's because I ran out of time for this post and clearly, you deserve more ink than I currently have the time to write.  Forgive me.  And feel free to yell at me,  I can take it.
Who are you thankful for this year?

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  1. I will leave you another comment to be thankful for. Also, let's find a race to do together this season, OK?