Friday, April 15, 2011

What I want to be when I grow up

Instead of channeling my inner child, today I am channeling my inner grown up.  I have decided, without a doubt, that the answer to this question is “a triathlete”.  Cause…when you think about it, we really aren’t that different from 6 year olds.  Why is being a triathlete the perfect ambition for a child?  Well, here are a few reasons….

1.  We cut up our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into bite sizes pieces for better feeding on the bike.
100_46072.  We don’t care if we are potty trained.  It’s actually considered a status symbol if you can pee yourself. (I’m working on it)
3. We like to splash in the water and play “chicken”.
4.  We don’t know how to tie our shoelaces. (elastilaces!)
5.  We kick ourselves out of the house until dinnertime when it’s nice out, and pout when it rains or snows and we can’t go out to play.
6.  We like to draw on ourselves.
100_03527.  We still use diaper cream (6 year olds are cooler than us, I guess).
8.  We eat the frosting straight out of the container packet.
9.  We wear name tags sometimes in case we forget our names.  We usually call them bibs, but they don’t stop us from spilling juice gatorade on our outfits.
10.  We get mad when Mom and Dad tell us to take it easy (on a rest week).

Peter_PanHmmmm….maybe I won’t grow up

Now, if I could only get that flying thing down…… Smile

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