Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Treatment

Well, I might not be a pretty pretty princess, but the royal wedding this morning sure made me remember my special day when I felt like one!


True, I may not have married into royalty (as my godmother promised me twenty years ago that Prince William would surely be my future groom, along with every other little girl my age), but I wouldn't have traded my day as a bride for anything less than eleventy billion people attending my party in the world!!

In honor of the special day, I, along with the entire world, got up early to watch some of the festivities.  Did you know the Mother Queen has worn over 5,000 different hats in her lifetime?  I don't know whether or not it's sadder that she has worn THAT many head coverings in her lifetime or that someone actually has that job to count how 
 Anywhoo, the coverage was gorgeous, and while I wouldn't have condoned standing outside Buckingham Palace for hours just to see a hand wave, I did thoroughly enjoy the kisses the couple shared on the balcony....ahhh romance.

So what to do to celebrate the day?  I decided to give myself The Royal Treatment!  Enter in spa services, classic cheap Rae style.  So how to indulge on a budget, on a Friday night after a week of craziness?  I give you the....

Pretty as a Princess Friday Night DIY Spa!

You will need the following:

Dr Teals Epsom Salts (yes, we love him)
A glass of bubbly ( or some diet ginger ale if you're a cool kid like me)
Gentle Face cleanser
A few tablespoons of sugar
Shocking pink Nail polish
Baby oil
A Big Plush towel
A willing hubster ( I wonder if he'll kill me for that :-p)

Step 1:  Pour yo salts in a nice steamy bath.  Immerse.  Drink bubbly.  Read up on some trashy chick lit.

Step 2:  After about 15 minutes, run the faucet and combine face cleanser and sugar into a scrub and exfoliate that mug.  Use the rest of the scrub to pretty up knees, elbows and your other 2000 parts :-D

Step 3:  Step outta the tub, towel off, and rub some baby oil all over your legs and arms and mug.  Insta moisturizing for pennies.  Perfect.

Step 4:  Paint them tootsers shocking pink.  I hear its good luck to have pretty toes for a race.  Even though I destroy them in the process.  No one said perfection was a requirement :-D

Step 5:  After the tootsers are dry, seek out the willing hubster.  Ask for foot and leg massooges.  Smile pretty and bat your eyes :-)

Yay for the weekend - I hope everyone takes some time to relax and destress from the week, prince or princess style!!

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