Thursday, April 14, 2011 vewwy vewwy quiet!

Ahhhh, one step closer to Friday!! Actually, I'm a little weird because I think I like Thursday almost better than Friday....maybe something having to do with the anticipation of the weekend?  Or....I just got smacked in the head somewhere.  It's ok if you think that, too. :-D

Today is a good day, friends.  No, not because it's sunny here in New York or because we're one step closer to the end of the week.  Nope, its because I finally got myself to the library to pick up some new books for my addicted self.  Now, to be fair, I did get Barack Obama's biography, along with Dean Karnazes new book, but I also got my fair share of guilty pleasure read....including this gem:

Now, if you were at all a child of the '80s, especially a girl, you knew of the Sweet Valley High series...Sweet Valley Twins....SVU....etc. that followed the Wakefield Twins through school and into college.  If you were like me, you became addicted to their sagas, but also possibly were a bit jealous of the fact that they were blonde, gorgeous, and popular wished you had a life like that.  Regardless, I read practically the whole SVH series, some of SVU and most of Sweet Valley twins, so when I found out that the author had written a "10 years later" Sweet Valley Confidential, I knew I deserved a guilty splurge.  I picked up the book on the way home (score for one of the libraries having it as it just came out two weeks ago!)  told the hubster that I would catch him AFTER I finished, and started the 250 page equivalent of cheetos for my brain.
Ok, ok, I won't ruin the book for anyone.  Seriously?  It was really a time suck of a about 2 hours (I read supah-fast) but it was a nice transport back to the days where things were a bit simpler....not in Sweet Valley, but in my childhood.  And I think everyone needs that kind of escape once in awhile.

Did you read Sweet Valley when you were a kid?  Were you "Team Elizabeth" or "Team Jessica?" (couldn't  I always identified more with Elizabeth :-)  (Maybe not so much after this book!!)

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