Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pump up the Volume

Happy hump day!  (yeah yeah, I had to).  How is everyone's week going? ready for Friday.  Stat. Think if I do some speed work it will "speed" the week up?  No?  Oh well.  I did it anyways.

Armed with my tunes (you know I blast this), I took on the dreadmill for some 800 action.  (In case you're wondering, yes, my tush is still broken.  But I have a theory on this.)

Yeah, don't be fooled by the fitness mag.  We used this only for warmup.  I'm not that coordinated.
The Workout
6x800 @ 7:15 pace, with 5 min warmup, cooldown
Distance:  5 miles
Time:  42:01
Pace: 8:25

A lil rusty after my marathon, but gettin' back into the swing of things!

Check out that line up...if you look close, you can see me in motion!  (Yeah, I know my lime green shorts are hot).

Well done, well done.  I rounded out the day with some upper body and abs, cause, ya know, that's how I roll.  I decided that since its time to really focus on tri season, I need to work on tone and definition!!  I think I have weak glutes, thus, the broken tush.  Either that or my body is so used to running and biking that it doesn't know how to walk anymore...what do you guys think?  Yeah, me either.

What do you do for strength and core workouts?  Do you skip them in favor of cardio?  Or are you an equal opportunist?  
I usually opt for cardio, though I'm getting better about the tone.  Need to decrease that body fat, baby!


  1. Hey Rae - Love the blog and I love that you write every day! One of the best things about my bike accident is that it got me doing PT, which morphed into core & leg strength work about 5x/week. One gym lifting day, a couple of functional strength days, a floor core day, and a yoga class. I am way more stable through my knees, hips, and ankles than I was before my crash. Sometimes the strength stuff can be a grind, but now that I know how much it helps me I actually look forward to it. I'll show you my glute medius exercises sometime if you want, and no, that's not a dirty comment! :) Keep rockin'!

  2. Thanks Solvieg! Are you going to camp in June?

  3. Yes! I'd say I can't wait, but I CAN wait, as I have a lot of bike and run capacity to build before then. But I still can't wait! Are you going?