Monday, April 18, 2011

Flipper sez no dice!

Monday Monday, la la la la laaaahhhh!!  And to add insult to injury, its snowwwingg!!!!  Wow, Rochester, you really outdid yourself this time.  Good thing I am a tough cookie :-D

Post crazy running in the wacked out weather weekend, I am feeling less than stellar today.  Nothing some good resting on the couch pretending to care about the playoffs while reading a book watching the sabres game won't cure, though!

For Monday recovery fun, I decided an EZ swim was in order.  Partially because I felt like drowning myself practicing flip turns so I can look cool be more efficient in the pool.  (I know, i know, enough strikeouts.  Prolly sums up my whole post, no?)

The verdict?  I looked like an ass.  I got water up my nose, slammed my foot on the pool bottom more times than one (ok, like every time I tried it) and probably gave my gym owner a good laugh when he tried to show some new members the pool.  "Yeah, this is Rae....she thinks she's wonder woman but really just likes to play leap frog and look dumb in the pool.
Flipper, I am not.  Anyone have any neato tricks for flip turns I should know? K thx :-)
Post flip turn attempts, I settled into a nice 1.5 mile recovery swim.  Ahhhh.

Actually, I lied.  I still feel like poo.  I think I needed some veggie power!!  And if there's one thing I am good at, its making up weird veggie dishes that taste pretty good, even if they aren't that visually appealing.  Today's quicky dish?  A weird jumbled version of snobby joes (from this gem) over some steamed broc.  Yum! 

(I told you it wasn't pretty)
 It's a simple non recipe, recipe.  Cook up one serving of lentils, add some rice wine vinegar, minced onion, Worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce and pepper to taste.  Let simmer.  Throw a bag (yep, a whole bag-we're wild!) of steamable broc in the microwave, cook.  Plate the broc then drizzle the spiced lentil goodness over it.  Perfect for eating in the core pairing with a ginormous chocolate chip cookie for carbs.

What?  It's Monday.  Doesn't everyone need a cookie on Monday?

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  1. The key to flip turns is thinking it of a "flip THEN turn." Practice lying on your stomach in the water, then pull your elbows in and lift your feet over your head with softly bent knees to do a somersault.