Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wonderfulness

After a way crazy weekend, it is time to get back to grindstone :-)  Thankfully, I can play a bit of catch up on the blog and vicariously relive this jam packed full weekend in photos!!
On Saturday, I took a break from standard tri training and spent some time with a friend from the past and new tri buddy, Brennan. We had plans for a nice mountain bike jaunt down the canal and ended up talking up a storm and biking all the way to Newark and back....about 30 miles and 3 hours of great talking and catching up!
Palmyra port!

The mountain bikes

Brennan and I-yes I still have my IMLP sticker on my helmet :-))

Awesomeness.  Brennan is in training for his first season of tri's...he's done a few road races and a duathlon with the hubster and I-can't wait to try to drown him in the lake go swimming at Kershaw this summer!(Kidding, friend :-D)  'Twas a great way to spend a Saturday Afternoon and I look forward to doing it again soon-hopefully next time we can get our Ironman in training (the hubster!) to join us!

Sunday, Easter day, was chock full of family goodness! I started out the day with a 10 mile run around my neighborhood and the hubster and I did our Easter baskets (we are such little kids-we can't wait!!)

Looks like the Easter Bunny Came!

Prezzies for the hubster

I was good, too :-)

New Splish suit!!
 After the Glaserino Easter, we headed out to my cousin Karen's house, who does a wonderful job every Easter and Christmas Eve of doing up the holiday in traditional Polish fashion!  Check it out!

Partaking in the blessed Aunt Sophie, our Matriarch, in spirit

Yum food!  Mama TFB and Cousin Kathy

Mama TFB and the hubster...awwww

A lil of my plate....sooo good!

Karen and Tom, the soon to be newlyweds!

My cousin Noah, celebrating his 22nd birthday!
 After stuffing ourselves silly with delicious brunch and birthday cake, we headed back to the casa to do an egg hunt with Mama TFB (sometimes you just don't grow up-I am more than fine with this!)

Huntin for Eggs!

Easter Basket 2...filled with Andy's Candy and Lotto tix...mmmm!!

Hubster-gettin gelled up for IMLP!
 As always, we got completely spoiled.  With more chocolate in our bellies, we headed out to the hubster's Aunt's house in Lima to do dinner with his side of the fam!

Me and the hubster chillin before dins!

Sis Tanya and bro Jeff!

Nephew Wyatt...thank goodness that Easter Bunny brings puzzles and not just sweets!

The whole family at dinner....such a yummy feast!

Dad Glaser says Holla!

My plate...yum yum! (Yes, I went back for seconds..and thirds!)

Dessert (well, part of it, lol)

Whew, what a weekend!!  Clearly, we passed out after that marathon of a day.
And here I am, on Monday, in a complete sugar hangover and remembering while Easter is wonderfully fun, I am so glad it only comes once a year! 
Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, friends :-D

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