Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things that go bump!

Yup, that's ME.  Just call me Mister Bump.  Last weekend, when I went out for a bike ride with my buddy on the canal, we were on our way home on the trail and came upon a break in the path with three posts, where you were supposed to pick a side and coast through the opening to the other side of the path.  Out of nowhere, my buddy PUSHED me into a post and I crashed my bike! ....I decided too late which side to pick and ended up crashing my leg into the middle post.  Bummer.  I have a gorgeous black and blue and green and all shades of the rainbow mark down my left leg from hip to knee.  Beautiful!
So, yesterday, we were helping my sister and brother in law move.  We had to move their belongings from a UHaul and two storage containers into a trailer (which was super awesome because it rained and the trailer LEAKED, causing the project to take over twice is sister in law has the patience of a saint!)..and as I was helping move a piece of furniture off the UHaul ramp with a family friend, the piece of furniture turned strangely and bumped into my leg, knocking me off the ramp and into a railing....leaving a huge scrape all down my right leg.....which is a lovely shade of purple today. 

So....basically I am sporting rainbows down both legs.  It's a good thing I don't work for ABW anymore.  yeesh.

So that's the highlight of my week so far.  I lead a charmed existence, no?  On the running and tri front, I'm almost at the end of a 6 week cycle, so rest week is in sight!  I had a mid week brick yesterday (3 hour ride and 2 mile run off the bike) and was feeling pretty shot the whole time....which is a sure sign that it's about time for a break.  Since I have a half marathon this weekend, I think I am going to re-think my workouts for the next three days in order to go in a bit fresh.  I've got a long swim and strength today, speedwork and core tomorrow, and a bike Saturday.  I may nix a few of the workouts or reorganize them in order to feel good about Sunday.

About this race....not sure what kind of goals to put in place for it.  Last year, I ran a 1:57, but I did a duathlon the day before and was feeling pretty shot.  My half marathon PR is 1:52...I would love to beat that, but I haven't been doing too much in the way of speedwork, so I think we'll just see how that one goes :-D  Anyone else racing this weekend?  Here's to hoping the crazy winds and rain we've been having subside by then!  Until then....

Oh, you bet I bought those for the hubster. 

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