Saturday, August 18, 2012

What a bunch of crap

What a dumb day.
You'd think it would be good.  It was 75 degrees sunny, a 50 mile ride on tap, and it started out promising.
Then went to crap.
It's partially my own fault.  Despite being stubborn, determined, and pretty direct....I have a nasty affinity for the inability to say "no" to things that I should sometimes...and an even worse time letting things nasty emails.  Or confrontations.  Or phone calls.   Ugh.  I need some help growing a pair and standing up for myself sometimes.  And then letting it go and moving on with my life, rather that ruminating.  Not worth the details, but does anyone else have those "energy vampires" in their lives that just suck the well, energy and verve out of you?  I know myself well enough to know who calms me down, who revs me up, and how to balance the two based on what I need.  And I'm way burned out.  I need a "reset" button in life and don't have time off from work until next month.....tying that knot at the end of my rope and holding on tight till then!!
Since I'm in such a crap pants mood, I think it's best to abandon all creative attempts and sack out on the couch with some hot cocoa, popcorn, and The Hunger Games.  Yeah, that's probably an oxymoron.
I leave you with a little pop culture clash:

Step 1:  Mckayla Muroney, Russian gymnast tumblr feed "Mckayla's not Impressed"

Step 2:  Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Culture clash:

I think I just spit out my hot cocoa.  Time to go hang out with Hottie Hemsworth....hey, the hubs is playing football tonight, what do you want? :-)

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