Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And now for a side of ridiculous

Awww, shucks.  I love you guys.  Thanks for the kind comments, emails, texts and calls.  It's beyond awesome to know that you care and actually want me to stick around my little corner of the Internet.  No worries.  I'm not goin' anywhere :-)  I love writing way too much to pack it up (pack it in).  And if you enjoy reading about my world as much as I enjoy writing, well then that's a bonus I'm grateful about!
Now, rest assured, I'm okay.  I try to walk a fine line between "rainbows and butterflies" and the real world around here.  I wont shoot sparkles up your you-know-what when I feel like hell, but I also won't "woe is me" you to death.  That ain't me.  And I happen to think that 99% of the time, my life is awesome.  I'm just kind of stuck in the middle of something right now.  A bit unsure.  A bit at a loss.  But I know I'll muddle my way through (blame the Polish and German stubbornness there along with my flair for never giving up (which can be good and bad)).
One more note I forgot to mention yesterday-I volunteered to be a dog walker at my local animal shelter.  It's not a dog of my very own, but it's a cool way to spend my time, give back, and have a temporary fur friend of my own.  Win win.  
But since yesterday was a bit of a serious, introspective post, I inherently feel the need to step aside with a giggle and snort and say, Eh, Just kidding!
But I won't.  However, I will divert you with a complete contrast and discuss the ridiculous today.
And what's more ridiculous than Bachelor Pad?
And you thought reality TV couldn't get worse.
Oh yes they did.
If you've not caught Bachelor Pad and you think The Bachelor is bad, oh just you wait.  This is the first season I've gotten sucked in and dear god, I hope it's the last.  I literally think I'm getting dumber one Tuesday at a time (FYI-it's on Mondays, but I DVR and do tempo/speed work to it on Tuesday's.  If my mind is disintegrating, at least my quads are getting stronger).
The premise?  24 past bachelor/bachelorette contestants (and this year, a few fans) in one house.  ONe girl gets voted off each week (by the guys) and one guy gets voted off (by the girls).  The last person standing gets $250,000.  And hookups...are totally encouraged.
The cast is what got me.  There were plenty of girls from Bachelor Ben's season (some, like Blakely, blech, but others, like Linzi and Rachel, are okay) and a few from Bachelorette Emily's season (Kalon, Tony and Chris).  Tony, meh, but (don't kill me) I thought Kalon was entertaining as hell.  And until the last week or so, I really liked Chris.  A bit over the top, but freakin hot.
I take back what I said.  What a tool.  I've been watching this show for 2 months now...he's hooked up with 4 girls, and is the total meat head of the show.  While they FINALLY voted off Jersey housewife obnoxious girl today (Erica Rose), Chris is still large and in charge.  Damn you reality TV and all your nonsense.  Why do you hook me in on this crap?
Final votes (for me):  Linzi for the girls, Ed or Kalon for the boys.  Don't hate on me for Kalon.  He's hilarious in his own demented little way.
Do you watch the show?  please tell me I'm not the only one.  Any favorites?
In other news?  My wonderful troublemaker of a triathlete  and blog friend tempted me today with this:
Ironman Mont Tremblant is NOT sold out yet.  Argh.  Damn bug.  30 minutes later, I wanted to give in, but realized that divorce is much much more expensive.  Don't worry, hubby.  I promise.  At least until 2014 :-P


  1. Wait, wait, what if you AND your husband raced in MT together???

    1. Have I told you lately how much I adore you? :-) I so so so want to, but logically I know I cant do this!

  2. Mont Tremblant is so beautiful! Well at least for skiing.. I didn't even realize they hosted a 70.3. Not that I am in training for anything right now but it gives me something to hope for someday! I would be happy for 1 mile of non stop running right now since I'm getting a little stir crazy on the bike trainer. On the bright side - some exercise is better than nothing! Hope things in your life settle down..