Saturday, August 11, 2012

Through the Years

Tomorrow is Sodus time!  Even though it's nowhere near an A race (or B...or C.....) it's time for another series of pics for the scrapbook!
Nothing fun and interesting today....housecleaning, bike ride (25 miles), olympic watching, laundry, and hangin' out.  So I thought I'd dredge up some old pics from Sodus for your enjoyment!!

Sodus through the years

2005: Crossing the finish line together for our first tri:
2006: a 25 minute PR, so happy post race!
 2007:  heading out on the run (with way too much energy)
 2008: First year with my fiance :-)
 2009:  racing one week post wedding....(and setting a sprint PR of 1:22)

 2010:  "Racing" 3 weeks post Ironman is hell.  (Yeah, he caught me)
 2011: Age Group award :-)

What will tomorrow bring?  4 foot waves?  55 degree water?  A battle for the finish?  Who knows :-) 

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